• When: 2018-04-14
  • QIC: Enterprise
  • The PAX: Training wheels(R), Heiseberg(R), Big Red(R), Zuckerberg, Book Worm, Drummer Boy, Enterprise, Giggles(R)(COT), Bo(COT), Big Worm(COT)

Enterprise Q @F3TheMission 4/14/2018

Was a beautiful morning at Spur, and still a beautiful morning at Finlay Park. Sun starting to beat down around this time. And, Findlay Park was full of people from Bark in the Park. So we attempted to stay out of there way. Except the little terrier with sunglasses. We had to play with him.

Beginning BOM. Prayer time.



In honor of our brother Beta Max showing us continued examples of what it is to be a HIM, I started with a Say My Name warm up.

B=Burpees×5 OYO

E=Enlightened squats(prayer squats)×25 IC

T=Through the Tunnel×25 IC

A=Arm Circles(forwards)×20 IC

M=Man Makers×10 IC

A=Arm Circles(reverse)×20 IC

X=Xtra Burpees×5 OYO

We fast mosey to the statue of Mr. Finlay sitting on the bench. Bear crawl to the light pole. Lunge walk to the base of the climbing wall. At the bottom, 5 burpees OYO. Climb 1st wall. 6 burpees OYO. Climb 2nd wall. 7 burpees OYO. Climb 3rd wall. 8 burpees OYO. Run back to bottom and AMRAP flutter kick and wait for six.

I give them a break. LBACs×20 forwards IC. LBACs×20 backwards IC. Seal clap×20 IC. Raise the roof×20 IC. Overhead clap×20 IC.

Mosey to bottom of stairs leading to Laurel Street. There is a lot of stairs.

Bear crawl all the way up. Every platform( maybe 15) do 5 4-count hydraulics.

Cut it one platform short due to race going on at Laurel Street.

Get to top of Amphitheater of Stitches.

Heisenburg tells us what he has learned leading the Mission AO as AOQ the last year. Consistency is key when dealing with recovering addicts. Showing up regularly to show these guys( us, since I am a recovering addict) we love them and want to see them succeed. That’s why we will always be there.

Starting at the top of the amphitheater.

10 squats and 10 inclined merkins on every level. Comes to 90 and 90.

Run back up the steps and plank for six. When everyone is there, 5 burpees OYO.

Run around park to Arsenal hill. 5 burpees OYO. Run down hill to bike path. We are running short on time so we meet Mary on the way to the flag. From bike path, 5 burpees, 10 crunches, 10 flutter kicks all OYO. Run to giant dirt mound. Same. 5, 10 & 10. Run to flag. 5, 10 & 10. Finished.

Count o rama 7 workout. +3 for COT.

Name o rama

AAR: intense. But having the Q after a Big Worm Q is just horrible.

Prayer requests.



Prayer for Spokes, Bobber, Tknock, and everyone in the mission. Its a tough program and only for those that want it.

Once again Zuckerberg shows his compassion by cleaning up the six and encouraging people through the workout. After he was done chattering.

Book Worm killed it. He made mention of the workout being easier so that tells me he is getting stronger. And I need to step it up next time. (Insert evil laugh here)

The mission will be closed May 5th for the 3rd F 5k at Timmerman Trail. Come out, run, support the guys and Mac for his work with the foundation. Its free. Donations are accepted but not required.

If you haven’t been to the Mission, in awhile or ever, come out and join us. You wont regret it.

Enterprise out.