• When: 2018-04-14
  • QIC: Big Worm
  • The PAX: Big Worm, Enterprise

Big Worm Q at F3Spur 4/14/2018

It was a beautiful morning. A lot of pax were running the 10 miler. So only two of us posted. I must say Big Worm is a deceiver! A positive one. He doesn’t look like he could, but he is a beast and can put it on you. I, myself, was not expecting a brutal Beat down. But I think you can get more done with less pax. Fewer people to slow down through chatter.



Mosey around Blatt field to pull up bars.

SSH×25 IC (Big Worm cadence) lol

Mosey around Blatt field one lap back around to pull up bars.

LBACs×20 IC (Front and back)

Pull ups×5 OYO


Mosey up stairs down the causeway and over to the back of the practice field.


Next exercise all OYO.

5 merkins at 1st end zone.

Run to 25yd line. 10 merkins

50yd line. 15 merkins.

75yd line. 20 merkins.

End zone. 25 merkins.


Run back to 1st end zone and make one lap around field Indian run style. Pretty hardcore with only 2 pax.


1st end zone. 5 Big boy sit ups.

25yd. 10 BB

50yd. 15 BB

75yd. 20 BB

End zone. 25 Big Boy


Mosey lap around field.


1st End zone. 5 squats.

25yd. 10 squats

50yd. 15 squats

75yd. 20 squats.

End zone. 25 squats.


Run back to Blatt pull up bars. OYO


5 burpees. 2 pull ups.

Run to 1st light pole. 5 burpees.

Back to pull up bars. 2 pull ups

2nd light pole. 5 burpees.

Pull up bars. 2 pull ups.

3rd light pole. 5 burpees.

Pull up bars. 2 pull ups.

Other sidewalk. 5 burpees.

Pull up bars. 2 pull ups.


Mosey to stairs. Calf raises×20 (20 regular, 20 toes out, 20 toes in).


Then finally wall sits. 1 min on. 30 seconds off.




Twas a brutal time. Very glad to spend some time with Big Worm. If you have never been to F3Spur, you should post. Good guys and pretty intense.


Enterprise out.