• When: 2018-04-14
  • QIC: Escobar
  • The PAX: Rocking Chair (Respect), Milli Vanilli, Ponzi, Hemingway, Dunphy, Up Charge, Tinkle, and Escobar

Tour de Campus Circuit

One of YHC’s first Cryptonite posts was a Fracture Q which was a circuit of 5 stations, multiple exercises, burpees, and running.  This was and continues to be one of the hardest posts for YHC and has reaffirmed that the workouts do not get easier you just get stronger.  This was also the first post where I met Hemingway who I know hung back with me that morning where I struggled and now we push each other to this day.  So it’s come full circle for me since that faithful first post at Cryptonite especially considering I chose to Q this workout today.

Conditions:  Nice, perfect for putting in work.

One minute warning, no FNGs, disclaimer, welcome to Up Charge (1st time Cryptonite post), Tinkle, and Dunphy – been awhile since we’ve seen these guys at Crpytonite) and prayer.

The Thang:

YHC had prepared maps placed at each of the five stations (see below) but a description of each station is after the map.  YHC went over the map with the 8 PAX and then we split into two groups and prepared for work.  Groups completed  1 4/5 laps or two full laps.

Station 1: Weight Room

Dips x 20

Pull ups x 10

Ropes x 50

Sledgehammer x 20

Tire Box Jumps x 20

Station 2: Hill

5 burpees at bottom, run to top, 10 burpees at top, run to bottom.

Rinse & Repeat

Station 3: Tennis Court Hill

Carry Sandbag/Coupon to top of the hill and back

Station 4: Covered Bridge

Bear Crawl the Bridge

Station 5: Tires

Flip tires across parking lot and back.


After time reached, RECOVER.

COT & BOM & Prayer

Tclaps to Dirty Bird for flying in and providing some bottled water to the guys!  Thanks boss!


4/16 – Gauntlet starts

4/21 – Beer Mile

4/21 – Veteran’s Transition Double Down WO after Bootcamp

4/28 – Brew Ruck

5/4 – F3 Dads’ Night at Fireflies game (be on the lookout for pre-blast)

5/5 – F3 5K https://www.f3midlands.com/other/preblast-for-f3-lexington-3rdf-5k-2

5/19 – Ultimate Challenge Mud Run

7/14 – Carolina Reaper

9/7-9/8 – BRR

Lexington numbers generally down so let’s EH those guys and get them back out.

Prayer Requests:

Moist’s sister

Raft’s Family

Taurasi’s Family – young woman with breast cancer, mother of two (newborn and 5-yr old)

Guys in general that haven’t asked for prayers but need them