• When: 11/10/2018
  • QIC: Ali (with an I)
  • The PAX: Ali, Serena, Heisenburg (Respect), Gopher, Mr. Robato, Enterprise, Banana, King James

Ali(with an I) Q @F3TheMission

BB 11/10/18 F3TheMission

Weather Conditions: Brisk 45 degrees and soggy ground!!!

Stuff and Thangs (Hiit/Tablata) workout

Round up/Disclaimer/Prayer

Warm Up:
20 Side Straddle Hop
20 sec toe touch stretch
20 sec straddle/split stretch
10 lbc
10 sec 6” hold
20 merkins

Mosey to Retaining Walls:

Thangs: Ladder Work
Climb wall 5 merkins, climb wall 10 merkins, climb wall 15 merkins.

Rinse and Repeat two more times but replace exercise with burpees and then BB sit-ups

Mosey to stair case:


30 sec squats
30 sec invert merkins
30 sec lunges
30 sec Carolina Dry Docks

Mosey ( bear crawl ) up stairs to top.

Hiit: plyometrics

30 side to side hop
30 front to back hop
30 cris cross will make you jump hop
30 air jump rope

Mosey: Down stairs around pond to shovel flag

Planktastic fun!!!

1.5 min High to Low plank
20 plank merkins
20 shoulder tap planks
30 low plank

The Finish Line:

30 sec mountain climbers
30 sec burpees
30 sec flutter kick/hello doll combos

Stuff and Thangs were completed!!!


Count o Rama: 8

Name o Rama

AAR: awesome workout. Intense and utilized the whole park!

Prayer request/ praise: F3 circles are stronger than most.

Today we honor Cheech. Great guy. His Father needed him home.

Please pray for the guys in the mission,  who have left the mission, and the ones who need to come into the mission.

Prayers for Serena, Heisenburg, and Enterprise.