• When: 2018-11-17
  • QIC: Enterprise
  • The PAX: Beef-n-Chedder, Training Wheels(R), Heisenburg(R), Balboa(R), King James, Serena, Enterprise

Enterprise Q @F3TheMission 11/17

Was a pretty chilly, brisk and wet morning at Finlay Park. 7 pax showed to spend some time with Dora.



Through the Tunnel×15 IC

Windmill×15 IC


Merkins ×15 IC

LBCs×22 IC



We launched into a fast mosey around the park to warm up. Then back to the flag. We partnered up.


Dora 1:

1st partner runs to big green box and back.

2nd partner does exercises.


Merkins ×100




Dora 2:

Monkey Humpers×100




I recently rewatched the video of the OGM CEO interviewing Training Wheels about the connection between the Mission and F3. TW had some very encouraging words about that for us as we caught our breath.


To end out the boot camp we went to spelling class.

B=Burpees×10 IC

L=Lunges×10 IC ( a messed up cadence but cadence nonetheless)

I=Imperial Walkers×10 IC

M=Merkins×10 IC

P=Plankjacks×10 IC

S=Squats×10 IC


It’s always a pleasure to be there.


Count o Rama 7

Name o Rama

AAR: humbled to hear no negative feedback. Not enough burpees.

Prayer requests/praises: we pray for the guys in the mission, the guys in our circle this morning, and our friends and family struggling elsewhere.