• When: 2018-04-28
  • QIC: Zuckerberg
  • The PAX: Zuckerberg, Heisenberg(R), Serena, Aim High(R), Macho Man, Bookworm, King James, Drummer Boy, Falcon(2.0), Enterprise, Crabgrass(R), Min Pin(COT), Bo(COT), Peter Rabbit(COT)

Zuckerberg Q @F3TheMission 4/28/2016

It was another beautiful morning at Finlay Park. And a first in a few weekends, we had the park to ourselves. Zuckerberg showed us what “Qing on the fly” meant.



Burpees×3 OYO

Through the tunnel×15 IC

Burpees×3 OYO

Crabcakes×15 IC

Burpees×3 OYO

LBCs×15 IC

Burpees×3 OYO

Bend-n-Reach×15 IC

Burpees×3 OYO

Flutter kicks×15 IC

I have no idea where he learned the idea of all those burpees in COP. (Insert evil laugh here)


Mosey to the amphitheater of Stitches.

4 exercises on each step.

Inclined merkins, dips, squats and flutter kicks. 10 of each on each step. So 40 reps, each step. Decrease by 1 up until 5. 5 reps of each on the last step. Plank for the six.


Here I say Macho Man is from Lake Murray region and is a beast. He is 16, wrestler at his school, mentee of Aim High(TClaps) and he powered through. It became a competition between us. It took everything I had to stay a step behind him.


From that step, same set of exercises, increase by 1 up until step 9. So 9 of each exercise on the last step and burpees until the six arrives.


Mosey rest of the way up to the parking lot.

Ski jumps×30 IC

Decline merkins×15 IC


Mosey over to the platform by bathrooms.

Squats×20 IC

Flutter kicks×20 IC

Balls to the wall merkins×10 OYO


Mosey over to steps. Bear crawl up to Laurel street. Crabwalk down second set of stairs to platform in front of the fountain. Fast mosey around park. Jump fence on to steep hill. Crabwalk down to bottom.


Mosey over to climbing wall.

1st platform-Hydraulics×20 OYO

2nd platform-Hydraulics×15 OYO

3rd platform-Hydraulics×10 OYO


Jailbreak back to flag. Wagon wheel to pick up the six for the first set of pax to reach the flag.


Then we circle up shoulder to shoulder in plank. Bear crawl ring of fire.




Count o rama 11+ 3 for COT

Name o rama

AAR: Zuck is the closest to a professional we have. Ex military he knows how to deliver a beat down. But, as I’ve pointed out before, we needed more burpees! (LOL)

Praise and prayers circle




F3TheMission AO will be closed next week for 3rd F 5K at Timmerman Trail

GoRuck TL coming up in June I believe. Ill be there. Will you?


Again, Zuck knows his Q. Knows how to keep ranks in the right direction. And I just love to see how he encourages these guys and pushes them to find out their limits.

Bookworm killed it, again. He is showing great promise.

Falcon(7 yr old 2.0) can beat most of us guys out there. Awesome to see.

Tclaps to Aim High for posting to our AO the last few weeks.

In our COT, we realised Peter Rabbit had been watching us all morning, and just so happened to be right there in the circle.

Please keep the guys at the mission in your prayers. Its a hard thing to do to want a better life. I know.

YHC and Aim High then head into Lexington for 6ish miles through town with several stops on tap. Awesome ruck to benefit Operation Enduring Warrior. Means a lot to me coming from a military family.

That is all.


Enterprise out.