• When: 2017-12-21
  • QIC: Hope Solo
  • The PAX: Cornwallis, Pothole, Bolt (respect), Stats (respect), Weed, Harper Valley, Mayplant (respect), Abbacus, Dufresne, Skipper, Schrute, Ratchet, Timber, Hope Solo

Let’s Stop the “War on Christmas.”

Conditions:  45 and a bit wet from the previous days’ rain.

 Intro After Waterbug (Hartsville) put the beatdown on the PAX with his version of the 12 days of Christmas, there was a lot of anti-Christmas mumble chatter. Weed dawned his best Scrooge demeanor possible saying “no Christmas for you” earlier in the week as the QIC. Natrually, this QIC goes overboard complete with Santa Hat, a Stocking and a lot of Christmas themed “gifts” pulled from the Stocking by Santa’s Elves (read: The Pax).
Warm Up 20 Merkins, 15 Squats, 10 SSHs, and 5 Burpess–all OYO. Grab some bricks and head to Rectory Street.
Exercise* Reps IC or OYO
Tinsel Twists (Freddie Mercury) 25 OYO
Snow Plows (WMDs) w/Bricks 10 OYO
Jolly Jacks (Copper Head Squat Jumps) w/Bricks 15 IC
The Thang Chimney Climbers (Mountain Climbers) w/Bricks 25 OYO
Snow Angels (Plank Jacks) w/Bricks 25 OYO
Flying Sleighs (Superman) w/Bricks 15 OYO
Jingle Bell Jumps (Burpees) 15 OYO
Mistletoe (Monkey Humpers) 25 OYO
Reindeer Dash (Brickbarrow) w/Bricks To Fair/Rectory & Back w/Partner
Nut Cracker (Lt. Dan Taylor) w/Bricks 1:4 Ratio/5 sets IC
Christmas Trees (Side Planks w/Bricks 1 minute each side
Hallelujah Run with Bricks to Fair/Rectory.
*After Each exercise, sprint to Fair/Rectroy and back
COT, Count-O-Rama, BOM Please keep Ratchet’s family in your prayers; moving transition and health concerns.
Announcements Go Terriers.
Moleskin Numbers were down for the PAX today–this QIC is chalking it up to Christmas Break! And Brickbarrows is stupid.