• When: 2017-12-19
  • QIC: Bar Crawl
  • The PAX: Tardy, Stinkbait, Flight Risk, Rumblestrip, Banjo, Candy Stripe, Patches, Overexposed, Chedda, FNG Tool Time (R)

The hottest debate of 2017

YHC has been guilty lately of taking all the Fs that F3 has to offer without really giving back the way I should. I have been relying on just showing up and having someone else have a workout prepared, which is easy. So after realizing this, I popped open the Q spreadsheet and signed up for the next open slot at Detention, which happened to be 2 days later. I also made a commitment to myself to visit all the AOs in Lexington in the first 6 months of 2018 and to Q at least once at each AO during the 2nd half of 2018, so I look forward to seeing everyone out in the gloom and meeting those PAX that I haven’t met yet! So moving on…2017 has been the year of the debate.  Post a single opinion on Twitter and you’ll be met with a flurry of responses telling you why you are wrong.  Little did YHC know that upon arising from slumber and heading into the gloom, the hottest debate of 2017 would be only moments away…Is it an hourglass or an X??? Decide for yourself below…


53, partly cloudy, couldn’t have dialed up more perfect weather

Disclaimer / Opening Prayer / Welcome FNG

The Thang:

Mosey around the parking lot to the large field at the front of the school
Wait on YHC to unsuccessfully try to get the Bluetooth speaker to work
20 Side Straddle Hop IC
1 burpee OYO
20 Windmills IC
2 burpees OYO
20 Through The Tunnel IC
3 burpees OYO
20 Imperial Walkers IC
4 burpees OYO
10 Little Baby Arm Circles forward, 10 Little Baby Arm Circles reverse
5 burpees OYO

Mosey to the blockpile and grab a beautiful CMU
Take CMU to the bench at the corner of the track
Wait for YHC to finally get Bluetooth speaker working for some Christmas Jams (Link to Playlist)
Here’s where the debate begins…
PAX are to perform four exercises, each in a different corner of the infield of the track.
Corner 1: 20 4-Count American Hammers with CMU
Corner 2: 20 4-Count Mountain Climbers
Corner 3: 20 Really Big Boy Situps with CMU on chest
Corner 4: 20 Ginuwine Squats (squats while performing a chest press with the CMU and singing “My Pony” to yourself)
The speaker was placed in the middle of the field and every time the PAX ran by the speaker, they had to drop and do 5 burpees.
The pattern is to cross the field from Corner 1 to Corner 2 (passing the speaker), then walk a straight line to Corner 3, then cross the field to Corner 4 (passing the speaker), then walk a straight line back to Corner 1.
Upon arriving at Corner 1, the PAX were to run a lap around the track and add a rep and perform the circuit again.
This pattern makes an hourglass. It was strongly debated that this pattern was simply an X and not an hourglass, so YHC has decided to provide a helpful graphic for the doubters *ahem*Tardy*ahem*

The red is the path taken during the circuit of exercises, while the blue is the lap around the track. CLEARLY an hourglass. The good thing about authoring the backblast is that it is now on the official record that it was an hourglass and not an X.
*Note: I’m on vacation and spent way too much time making this graphic. Also, my M walked up as I was doing it and I think she’s worried about YHC now*

Complete two full circuits and take your CMU back to the blockpile and mosey to the flag
Since Tardy was feeling particularly chatty, YHC called upon him to perform One Minute of Mary, where he promptly called out flash abs and left us hurting.


Prayer Requests and Praises:
-Hostel and FiA Blue Hose on the unexpected passing of Blue Hose’s mother
-Noah Esbensen (Tinkle’s son)
-Kids getting out for Christmas break that are dealing with tough home situations

FNG Name Chain:
#Tclaps to Chedda for bringing out a new Detainee this morning. Tim Rice, 51. Likes running, likes photography (Snapchat? Shutterfly?), likes to watch sports, played soccer in college, Married 30 years, 3 adult children, works at SC Baptist Convention (Missions mobilization/Disaster Relief) has a house that needs repairing but doesn’t like repairing houses (Tool man? – FNG said “Not Tim Allen” – Al Borland? – FNG said “He actually knows his stuff” – Finally settled on Tool Time, mainly for the entertainment of watching other PAX come to him with tool questions in the future). Welcome FNG Tool Time!

-12/30 Cottonmouth. Preblast: https://www.f3midlands.com/lake-murray-sc/preblast-the-cottonmouth-little-mountain-edition-december-30-2017
-1/1 New Year’s Day Convergence. Preblast: https://www.f3midlands.com/lexington-sc/preblast-new-years-day-convergence
-1/6 Saluda launch. Preblast: https://www.f3midlands.com/other/preblast-f3-saluda-launch
-1/6 Harbison 50K
-1/27 GrowRuck Weekend. Details: http://f3nation.com/2017/10/25/growruck-08-sc-midlands-preblast/

Matthew 1:21
She will give birth to a son, and you are to give him the name Jesus, because he will save his people from their sins.

YHC chose this simple verses because it essentially sums up the entire Bible and the reason that we celebrate Christmas. YHC then shared a story with the PAX about how we took our kids to see “The Star” in the theater last weekend. With so many things going on around us, it’s hard to focus on the true reason for Christmas. In the dark theater, focused only on the movie with no distractions, I was able to only focus on the birth of Jesus which really helped remind me why we are doing all of this. YHC encouraged the PAX to take some time this week to slow down, remove all distractions around us, and think about that night when the Son of God was born unto us in order to die for our sins.