• When: 2017-12-28
  • QIC: Nub
  • The PAX: Urkel, Belding, Stay Puff, Hollywood, Polecat, Shankapotomus-R, Nub

Smoker Version II

For a while now, YHC has been thinking of a second version of the Smoker (our version of a periodic PT test).  This morning seemed like as good a time as any to test it out and see if it may make it to the Q sheet again in 2018.  We sometimes struggle with darkness and sprinklers while running the original version of the Smoker so this was a little change of scenery and exercise list.  YHC could only hope it was enough to get the heart rate up and sweat flowing as on this morning we sure needed something to help warm us up.

Conditions: 33 with a brisk wind


Mosey to shed and grab one block and two bricks. Placing block on start of one straight away of track, then cut across to opposite side of track and place bricks.  Mosey to Hite hill for COP and explanation of Smoker II.

SSH x 20 IC

This version of the Smoker would be performed around the track/hill area.

Starting point is middle of far turn of track:  Cone-*5 Burpees to start (adding one rep each time around) Follow cones and *Snake Hite hill (up/down twice) until you reach the start of the back straightaway. Cone marked exercise point, *Merkins x 20 (adding one rep each time around) Run to end of back straight, Cone-*Flys w/bricks x 20 (adding one rep per round), Run to middle of turn, Cone-*Power Jacks x 20 (plus 1 each lap), Run to next straightaway, Cone-*Curls 4 Girls w/block x 20 (plus 1 each lap), Run to end of straightaway, Cone-*Squats x 20 (plus 1 each lap).  That completes one lap around track plus hill Snake.  Remaining laps we rinse and repeat adding one rep to everything until time was called.  Bricks and blocks up and back to shovelflag

No points kept as this was just a trial run to gain feedback as we all stayed as a group this running.  Next time, we unleash the rabbits!


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Prayer req/BOM

Moleskin:  Town of Batesburg-Leesville may be in the market for a Massage Therapist, there may be some interest based on the mumblechatter