• When: 2017-12-02
  • QIC: Chinstrat
  • The PAX: HoneyBun (Respect), Tinkle, Chinstrap, Thumbs up (Respect),Button, Kazoo, Icarus, Floppy disk, Glory days, Finch, Brainiac, Harp, Oscar, Scribble, Spikes, Sweet tart, Intern, Stink bait, Run flat, Bucket head (Fng). All 9's (Fng), Seacrest, Blades, Daisy, 2.0s Flips, Flip kick, Fng. Little foot, Little Woot.

Championship Saturday

28 pax posted at Snakepit saturday morning for their own version of UF Championship Saturday.  We divided up into 4 teams of roughly equal numbers (each captained by a 2.0) and split the stadium into two shorter fields. The 4 teams played each other in a round robin format and after a designated amount of time, teams would switch fields and/or opponents.

The rules committee decided that passes to 2.0’s would be ruled a catch if the 2.0 managed to get hands on the disc, but would still need to complete throws to team members to count.  This definitely helped the 2.0 enjoy the game more.

Mosey back to the flag




Lexington Christmas parade 2:45pm wear F3 shirts and bring candy to hand out.  No throwing candy, please

Closing Prayer