• When: 
  • QIC: Quisenberry / Swanson / ThumbsUp
  • The PAX: Any F3 Pax looking for some Accountability

PREBLAST – 25 Days of Christmas 2018

Looking for something to get you in the Christmas Spirit? Or Maybe something to get a headstart on your New Years Resolutions?  Keep reading to learn more about a December Challenge to help you battle the winter weather in the Gloom and the pounds from all the Holiday Events all while getting some 2ndF with some pax you may not normally post with.

  • Who: Pax of F3 Lexington
  • What: A Challenge for Accountability – Post 25 Days during the month of December
  • When: The Month of December
  • Where: Any F3 AO will Count.  There will be a Schedule posted each day for a somewhat “official” AO for that day.
  • WhyAccountability through the cold weather and manage those holiday pounds and some extra 2ndF.

How To Join:

  1. HC on the Tweet.
  2. Look to be added to the Group DM


  1. 25 Days – Not 25 workouts: Each day counts as 1.  Double downs are great, but don’t count toward the goal number. This challenge is about maintaining good habits during cold weather, and staying steady, so keep that in mind when setting you goal number.
  2. SET A GOAL: Look at the Calendar and mark off any Travel and Rest days. “Epstein’s Mothers” accepted in advance
  3. Post to an F3 AO: There will be an “Official” AOs for each day, but that is not a requirement.  Post with the group or “Just Post Somewhere”.  Just like Double Downs above, Sad Clown Workouts are better than nothing, but don’t count here.

To track your progress and for the updated schedule, Click Here

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