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AOQ handoff at the standard for all rungroups who have a shovelflag.

AO: Scramble
Q: Billy Bob
PAX: Zima, Easy Street, Biggie Smalls, Churchkey, Corndog, heist, Pinkman, Hawg, Ronda, McNugget, Ash, Silent Bob, Friar Tuck, Huffy, Fallout (1st F), Cauliflower, SweetTart, Swingline, BabyRuth, LA Gear, CESS, Bundy, Schweddy, Woody, Fountainhead, Costanza, Chop Shop, Collar, Gaston, McLovin, Kitty, Wally, Sketch, Furlough, Strom, Froman, Winston, Love Child, Turtle, Flo, Tarek, Nails, Filter, TapeWorm, TomTom, Prodigal, Pondo, Billy Bob, Bernie
FNGs: None
WARMUP: 20 merkins for the Ramblers
THE THANG: Reverse Michelle 5k
Chop Shop hands off AOQ duties to Tarek!
Lexington 9 Year anniversary tomorrow.
COT: Prayers for Phlegm’s M.

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