Gauntlet 2019 4-8-19

F3 brothers,  As gauntlet draws near, the theme of this years festivities has been revealed! I’m excited to share with you the idea behind the 2019 gauntlet: HAMMER DOWN 🔨 The theme will be present in 3 areas: 1- Our physical condition.  Hammer down  🔨 and put in the work!  The gauntlet is known for …

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Rain Changes Plans

Conditions: 50’s Chilly/ rain With the rain and cold wind I left the Winkie in the car, grabbed some bricks and headed to the stadium to block the wind. Work Done Not in order: TTT x15 Windmill x15 SSH x15 6in OMC switching legs out/up xwhoknows Merkins on bricks alternating hands on/off bricks. xenough Hammer …

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Frozen Banana WO

Conditions: COLD COLD COLD 20s, clear 5 pax for a FROZEN CAT WO with YHC. The fartsack snagged a few of the regulars but I commend the 4 that posted. Navy Bean said he couldn’t say he liked YHC workout and he felt a new kind of pain. YHC mission accomplished. Good work men! FNGs …

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