• When: 2021-07-17
  • QIC: Blue Bloods
  • The PAX: Twerk, Keychain, Muggy Tape, PapaGiorgio, Soaker, CowBell, Head Gear, Kenwood, Handlebar, Hugo, Alter Boy, Columbo, Spanky, Blue Bloods

15 PAX Converge in the Gloom for a Little Bit of This and a Little Bit of That at Surge

Surge was home to another Saturday convergence.  YHC was trying to come up with a Q that touched upon some F3 Classics with some F3 Fun.  So YHC came up with a little bit of this and a little bit of that and of course brought his favorite Waterfall type Mary at the end.

Heres what went down…..

Conditions: Mid 70’s and Soupy

Two minute warning….one minute warning

Disclaimer, Not a Pro, Modify if Needed, NO FNG

Mosey to the loading dock

Warm Up:

SSH IC x 15, TTT IC x 10, LBAC IC x 10, RLBAC IC x 10, OH Clap IC x 10


Track 1: Flower By Moby (The Sally Song)….each time the lyric “down” was sung drop to a squat…when “up” was sung we came up from a squat

Track 2:  Roxanne by The Police….heel touches throughout the song….each time “Roxanne” or “Red Light” was sung we do a BBSU

Track 3: Black Betty by Ram Jam (THE SHORT VERSION)…SSH throughout the song….each time “Black Betty” was sung we did a burpee

After the musical portion of the convergence was complete the PAX grabbed a block for some EMOM.

EMOM 10 Rounds:

15 Curls, 15 OH Press, 15 Block Squats

PAX then returned the blocks and returned to the circle and counted off into 1’s and 2’s for some Dodgeball. 


If PAX were out by getting hit or getting ball caught, they would take a lap to the shovel flag to get back in the game.  Losing team would do 5 burpees.  Three games were played….the 1’s took two of the three while the 2’s took only one.

We collected all the balls and circled up again for a Waterfall style Mary

The Waterfalls:

100 Hand Release Merkin Waterfall-Circle up in plank position, YHC does 1 HR Merkin then goes clockwise to the next PAX, 1 Pax at a time while every other PAX holds the plank position until 100 HR Merkins are completed.

100 Iron Cross Waterfall-Circle up legs 6-inches up, , YHC does 1 Iron Cross then goes clockwise to the next PAX, 1 Pax at a time while every other PAX holds the 6-inch leg raise position until 100 Iron Crosses are completed.

Mosey back to the shovel flag


Waterfalls are much less demanding with more PAX that post.


Count-o-rama, Name-o-rama


-Next Saturday Convergence at Beechhouse

-Stomp the Swamp (8/21) register at strictlyrunning.com

-Dad’s Camp (8/20-8/22)

-Jail Break 5k…more info to come

-T-Claps to Jumanji for making the trip to Surge

-Surge 100 mile/25 merkin a day challenge for July for St. Jude’s Donation see Blue Bloods for more info

Prayer Requests:

-No Show recovery

-All unspoken and sick and injured PAX

Closing Prayer

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