Parking Lot Loops

Weather Conditions: 57° & perfect The time changes tonight, so 8 pax took advantage of their last chance to workout under the light of the sun before we all go back to being anonymous silhouettes in the darkness.  These pax came to work though, so YHC tried to deliver on their lofty expectations.  Here is …

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Farmers Only

On a brisk 37 degree morning with a 10-15 MPH wind 11 PAX defied the fartsack for Mercy Rules trip to Shawshank. There were 3 known block breakers present that YHC kept a close eye on (No names mentioned).  Disclaimer / Prayer The Thang: 1 lap around the parking lot.  Mosey to the block pile …

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RC’s Toybox

Intro, disclaimer, check for FNG’s, let’s go. 11 pax turned up in the blustery 40ish degree gloom to see what ol’ RC would think up for their betterment.  YHC hopes he did not disappoint.  After an rather innocuous warmup with some old favorites, the Burpees and Bear crawls began.  Then a mosey to the afore …

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