• When: 2021-07-15
  • QIC: PickAxe
  • The PAX: Darpa, SimonSays, Duraflame, ET

Shark Week Special

AOQ jumped on the Q sheet to fill the opening. Night prior YHC watched some Shark Week with the M and 2.0s. Seems the M loves to watch Shark Week every summer and recount all the episodes as we vacation on the beach. That being said a few shark facts were researched to share with the Pax.

Weather was warm and humidity 200%

5:00 am ther were 4 Pax ready to roll with yhc so the disclaimer was given and the Lord thanked, then off we went.

Since our small group didn’t include any Pax particularly opposed to running, we moseyed the long way to the teachers lot and circled up for some warmup exercises. 

Ssh, ttt, hb, oh, db, all x 15 ic

Read a shark fact or two from allfortheboys.com

Headed to the brick planters for 11s of step up and dips.

Another shark fact and moseyed to the opposite corner of the teachers lot for more 11s of mt climbers and mercans on the curb.

At this point I believe was the disclaimer union about the movie Jaws and the book it was based on.

Moseyed to the field via breezeway and down the steps. The UF pitch was used for a game of sharks and minnows. (We learned ET is fast, but after he eluded us the the first time we dialed up the effort and caught him the second time around.)

Moseyed back toward the front of the school, near the concrete wall. Sufficient time didn’t remain for 11s so we did 11 squat jumps and 11 hand release mercans along with 11 Bonnie blairs and 11 inclined mercans

Probably shared another shark fact or two.

Moseyed to the shovel flag for Mary. Flutter kick, starfish crunch, Freddy mercury, 29 reps I believe it was. At 5:44 about 15 seconds of boat canoe wrapped it up.

Countarama namearama

Announcements: stomp the swamp

Prayer requests: duraflames coworkers home health needs, billy praise, pickaxe aunt Kay- cancer

Devo, you version verse of the day

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