First, cobains for the late BB gentlePAX of Smokehouse. YHC had some other items to attend to yesterday and succumbed to late nap time a little early. Under the assumption, nay, the hope of an FNG, a bit simpler WO was laid out than what was initially planned. It wasn’t easier unless your calling Murph …

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IPC wk 1

25 yds measured, 800 m laid out, 8 blocks set out and some tunes were started.  IPC wk 1 workout was previously distributed Work was done until 5:43  or so. Blocks were returned and moseyed to the flag. Countarama, namearama, prayer requests-schools, praise Boosters son Devo-you version bible app verse of the day


With no one on the Q sheet, AOQ came up with a quick one. May have been a little easy coming off a holiday weekend staring down the barrel of IPC wk 1. Once the monotony was accepted everyone seemed to accept it. Disclaimer and prayer at 5 am. Warmed up right where we stood. …

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