• When: 2024-04-02
  • QIC: PickAxe
  • The PAX: GlowWorm, LizardMan, Canseco

Spring Break Bootcamp #1

Nice dry spring Tuesday morning at Turning Point. Myself, LizardMan & Canseco all roll into the AO at 4:59 and find GlowWorm standing alone in the parking lot. I’m convinced had we been 70 seconds later he would have started the workout on his own.

Cars were parked, disclaimer given, prayer said and the group moseyed to the rear parking lot via the long route.

Circled up for some warmup of ssh, ttt, wm, ohc, db, myn climbers, all 10 ic. By this point the group learned of LM’s current shoulder injury and that GW was planning a block workout for Thursday.

Group moseyed to the blockpile and picked up a pair of bricks and took the to the bb court. Workout consisted of 2 Pax exercising on north end of the court while other two performed a moving exercise to the south side of the court and back. The Pax then flip-flopped until three sets of each exercise were performed. Exercises were: squat thruster – cuesack, napalm – lunge, curl – power skip, mercan – side shuffle, lateral raise – cuesack, front raise – ?. Returned bricks to the pile and moseyed back to the flag.

Finished with fk, lbc, gas pump, all 10 ic.

Announcements: gauntlet begins end of the month 

Prayer requests: GW’s daughter – tunes and adenoids Tuesday

Verse of the day read

Good work done. See you all Thursday

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