• When: 2021-06-05
  • QIC: Blue Bloods
  • The PAX: Argyle, Cheers, Notebook, El Chapo, Pixie Stick, Head Gear, Atomic, Forrest, Dominion, Tinker, Escobar, South Paw, Dunphy (R), Tubbs, Spanky (FNG), Blue Bloods

16 PAX Converge at Surge for Block Work, Punt Back and Some Waterfalls

It had been some time since YHC had Q’ed a Saturday convergence, but whispers of YHC’s 2.0 wanting to come was a key motivator.  YHC had a plan in mind, but circumstances changed the plans just a little.  However the HIMs of the Gloom improvised and it couldn’t have gone better.


STICKY and high 60’s

Disclaimer, Not a Pro, One FNG (YHC’s 2.0)

Mosey to the loading dock for a quick warm up

SSH IC x 15, LBAC forward IC x 10, LBAC reverse IC x 10, TTT IC x 15, IW IC x15

Mosey to the block pile and grab a good one….and walk it to the basketball courts behind the school

The Thang:

Line up at baseline of basketball courts

-1 Burpee….OH carry to Half court….jog back to baseline

-1 Burpee…jog to Half Court…10 Curls…OH carry to end of first court….jog back to baseline

-1 Burpee…jog to end of the first court….10 Curls, 15 Squats…OH carry to half court of second court…jog back to baseline

-1 Burpee….jog to the half court of second court…10 Curls, 15, Squats, 20 LBC…OH carry to baseline of second court….job back to baseline

-1 Burpee….jog to the baseline of second court….25 Mountain Climbers….OH Carry to the first baseline….25 Plank Jacks


Circle at mid-court in plank position for a 100 Merkin Waterfall

PAX does 1 Merkin then it goes counter-clockwise, 1 PAX at a time while each other PAX holds a plank position until 100 total merkins are achieved

Mosey to the back field and split into 1’s and 2s for a game of Punt Back (T-Claps Cheers for finding us a kickball to play with).  Half the PAX head to one end of the field and one team punts to the other.  If the ball is caught on the fly, opposing player can move 5 paces forward and punt back to the other team.  If not, the ball is punted from where the ball stops.   If the ball lands beyond the goal line the team scores and the losing team does 5 Burpees

End of First Half

Ones 5 Twos 4

Halftime lap around the track

Second half was brought to an abrupt half due to a kick that went far out of bounds and unable to be recovered (T-Claps Notebook)

Final Score 

Ones 5 Twos 4

Mosey Back to half court for another 100 Merkin Waterfall

Flip over to our 6 and get the legs up 6-inches while one PAX shuffles around the circle trying to push down our legs…once all PAX have made their way around the circle…..RECOVER and return the blocks…..Mosey back to the Shovel Flag.


Count-O-Rama, Name-O-Rama


-Leadership Lexington Corn Hole Tournament today at 4pm at Ice House

-Stomp the Swamp August 21

-Surge Pre Order is live on MudGear

Prayer Requests:

No Show surgery

Spackle, Notebook, Slim Jim

Blood Bloods family for sudden loss of Uncle

Uncle Rico (Lake Murray PAX) M recovering from boating accident

Very Warm Welcome FNG; YHC’s 2.0…..SPANKY

Closing Prayer

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