• When: 2021-06-03
  • QIC: Canseco
  • The PAX: DARPA, Sunday Driver, Duraflame, Simon Says, Booster, Boo (R), Troy Built (R), Thumbs Up (R), Pick Axe, Warner, Canseco, Little Giants, Swanson

Old TV themed music Canseco Core work out

Turning Point Boot Camp 6/2/21. 0500
Weather: 72 degrees and humid
Disclaimer and morning prayer
Mosey to back teacher parking lot
1. Pump jumps x 15
2. Squat cross arms x 15
        (Mumble chatter notable from Wapner as nothing feels normal to him…exercises are new and original)
3. Cross body toe touches x 15 
4. Low Lunges with upward arm rotation x 15
        (Wapner is confused and isn’t comfortable with change.  The 70, 80 & 90s theme showed television music coming from from the mini speaker is blamed for the chaos and difficulty understanding instructions 
6. High Plank x 1 minute
7. Quarter Clock merkins (starting in Plank position,  with hands on an imaginary center of a clock and feet resting on an imaginary 12 o’clock. Begin by walking your feet clockwise to the 3 o’clock spot and do 3 merkins.  Then walk your feet to the 6 o’clock spot and do 6 merkins, then 9 merkins at the 9 o’clock spot and end with 12 merkins at the 12 o’clock spot)
8. Heel touches x 15 
9. Little Baby Crunches x 15
10. Quarter Clock Merkins starting with 12 and working down to 3.
The Thang
1 MINUTE PLANK with feet on brick wall
20 Parker Peter’s
20 Peter Parkers
10 Squats
Alternating Shoulder Taps x 20 with feet on bench/curb/pavement 
20 Dips
Heel touches x 20 x 4 sets with 10 second rest in between
LBC’s x 20 x 4 sets with 10 second rest break in between
Wall Plank again,  but this time with 10 upward trunk rotations starting with R hand on left flank and then rotating up into air on right side. Flap jack to other side. 
10 squats
Curb sits with 30 seconds bicycle pedaling with feet x 2
3 sets of 20 Flutter Kicks
Cross Arm Squats x 15 for a cool down
June 5th High School clean up after boot camp on Saturday in preparation for upcoming high school graduation ceremonies 
August F3 dad’s camp
Stomp the swamp in August at RBHS, AUG 21st
Prayer requests:
Tackleberry with his health
Slim Jim’s recovery from cancer
Notebook, Spackle, No Show
Devo: “Pride gets no pleasure out of having something, only having more of it than the next man.”  C.S. Lewis

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