Arms & Abs 3.0

Weather Conditions: 40° 8 pax answered the call this morning for some Valentine’s Day betterment.  Even with the Dam to Dam Relay on the horizon, 6 pax showed up early for StrideLite (maybe one even started his D2D training today?).  Either way, the plan was to mostly save the legs while focusing on arms and …

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Back 2 School w/ Good Hands – We All Learned Something

10 pax for a back-to-school 12 circuit workout session. No Tardy slips on this fine morning. Music from the angst of my high school/college days. #GrungeRock #Flannel #MoshPit Everyone was so angry back then. Now it’s all peace, love and understanding. Yea right. Some of us are even worse today. 🙋🏼‍♂️ I think all pax …

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