• When: 2022-02-10
  • QIC: Soaker
  • The PAX: Drisoket, Squirrel, Soaker

CAT – Burden Bearer Beatdown

The best way to get out of a routine is to do something out of the ordinary. Hence, getting out of a routine. I love Shawshank but was itching to Q away from home and saw an opening at The CAT. YHC took the opening and forgot about it until Wednesday when the announcement went out naming the Q. Well, that was all the HC I needed to post and hang with the fine gents down the road.

Wednesday was spent developing a plan which would bring fame and praise to YHC for leading the perfect Q. By time spent planning, I mean watching Friday Night Lights while downing a bowl of ice cream. 

The perfect Q for partners was planned out and I was ready to go. The partner workout was quickly scrapped with only 3 pax posting. This Q was a complete impromptu, on the fly, burn the seat of the pants, festival of fun. Here we go.

1 minute warning, disclaimer, no FNG’s, opening prayer.

Head over to the field next to the block pile. 2 blocks and 2 bricks per pax.


SSH x 20 IC, Michael Phelps x 10 IC, LBAC x 10 IC (forward and backward).


20 merkins and 20 lateral raises – 3 rounds.

Farmer carry blocks to midfield – 25 curls, 5 blockees. 

Farmer carry blocks to far goal line – 25 curls, 25 OH presses.

Farmer carry back to midfield – 25 curls, 25 OH presses, lbc’s, flutter kicks.

Farmer carry back to the bricks – 25 OH presses.

20 diamond merkins and 20 front raises – 3 rounds.

Farmer carry back to midfield – 25 OH presses and something else.

Farmer carry to far goal line – 25 OH presses and 25 block squats.

Farmer carry back to midfield – seems like we did some abs. Squirrel enjoyed a shooting star. Drisoket and I were putting in work and missed the show.

Farmer carry back to bricks. – 75 tricep extensions, 75 bent over rows.

20 merkins – 10 on the blocks, 10 on the ground. 

20 regular merkins.

Heavy on the shoulders which are our burden bearers. Men have a duty to lift each other up and share burdens. Don’t neglect the shoulders, they are not just for beach season.

Put the toys away and return to the flag.


2/19 – race for Digits

D2D, P200, Lexington Race Against Hunger – running opportunities for all to enjoy.

Prayer Requests:

PAX – check on each other and make sure dudes are okay.

Closing prayer.

Pledge of Allegiance.

CAT is a good group of dudes. Post with these men and get better. Thanks for having me today.

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