• When: 2022-02-10
  • QIC: Backstop
  • The PAX: Coxswain, Teddy, Silent Bob, Silver Bullet, Backstop

I Can’t Feel My Arms

Editor’s Note: Posted on behalf of Backstop

Warm up (4 corners)
– Side Straddle Hops then Bernie Sanders to the next corner
– Fast/Slow Merkin then Karaoke to the next corner
– High Knees (start slow and then speed up), run to the next corner
– Jump Squats then ran to the next corner
– Helicopter 🚁 squats, 15 OYO

Main Thang
60-foot run (Editor’s Note: more like 60 yards…), 10 Burpees on one side then run back and do 1 Monkey Humper. Keep going, decreasing Burpees by 1 and increasing Monkey Humpers by 1. We got down to 5 Burpees before stopping.

Farmer’s Carry cinder blocks 4 times back and forth, 60-foot long distance (Editor’s Note: it was way further…). Each time we stopped, we had put the blocks down to recover.

Did 4 exercises after Farmer’s Carry with no weight:
– Arm Circles Forward (15 each)
– Arm Circles Backwards (15 each)
– Overhead Press (15 each)
– Seal Claps (15 each)

Bear Crawl to each parking line, starting with 1 Hand-Release Merkin and adding 1 rep at each line until we reached the end with 10 Hand-Release Merkins.

More Editor’s Notes: Backstop provided music for the workout beginning with “Hell’s Bells” before progressing to the “Bridal Chorus” and “The Family Madrigal”. Truly impressive range.

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