• When: 2022-02-10
  • QIC: Coon Dog
  • The PAX: Brick, Cheers, Ken Doll, Good Hands, Runaway, Duff, Dunphy (R), LEGO, Ponzi, Buzz Saw (R), Ramrod, Garth (R), Coon Dog

Dice Decide From the Menu Board

Weather Conditions: 38°

It was another glorious morning at Shawshank as 13 strong Pax came together to put in some work and achieve betterment.  Coming off the high from celebrating Cheers’ 6th F3 anniversary on Tuesday, all the Pax were ready for whatever pain and/or chaos could be thrown their way.  3 Pax couldn’t wait to get started and arrived early for some Stride Lite.  As the Board of Pain emerged and was being strategically placed under optimal lighting, YHC thought he made out the sound of cheering and applause from the Pax as their excitement grew.  In the end work was done and men got better, so it was a good day.  As for the workout, here is how it went:

Disclaimer and Prayer

Mosey to what the Pax dubbed “Coon Dog’s Corner” and circle up

COP – All IC
   ▪ x25 SSH
   ▪ x20 Imperial Walkers
   ▪ x15 TTT
   ▪ x10 Windmills
Mosey to the steps
   ▪ x25 Calf Raises (standard)
   ▪ x25 Calf Raises (toes turned in)
   ▪ x25 Calf Raises (toes turned out)

Mosey to the Board beside Warden’s Way
– The Pax completed stationary exercises at the starting point (determined by dice roll) that were listed on the Board and then ran a single lap around Warden’s Way, stopping at each light pole to do an exercise, completing one rotation back at the starting point.
– The Board is divided into 6 sections (numbered 1-6), each containing the different exercises.  The dice roll determines the section of the board and corresponding stationary exercises to be done as well as the exercise to be completed at each light pole (~25).  
– Rinse and Repeat until time is called.

Boxes & Exercises:
   ▪ Box 1
      o x20 Merkins
      o x20 Sumo Squats
      o x20 Box Cutters
      o x1 Burpee at each Light Pole around Warden’s Way
   ▪ Box 2
      o x20 Diamond Merkins
      o x20 180° Squats (Squat and then jump while rotating 180°)
      o x20 Iron Crosses
      o x1 Bobby Hurley at each Light Pole around Warden’s Way
   ▪ Box 3
      o x20 Hand Release Merkins
      o x20 Squats
      o x20 BBSUs
      o x1 Bonnie Blair (each leg) at each Light Pole around Warden’s Way
   ▪ Box 4
      o x20 Carolina Dry Docks (Cheers Merkins)
      o x20 Prisoner Squats
      o x20 V-Ups
      o x1 Monkey Humper at each Light Pole around Warden’s Way
   ▪ Box 5
      o x20 Wide-Arm Merkins
      o x20 Jump Squats
      o x20 Flutter Kicks (2 ct)
      o x1 Plank Jack at each Light Pole around Warden’s Way
   ▪ Box 6
      o x10 Burpees
      o Roll Again
Finish with a Pax rolling one dice to determine single exercise until time is called.
   ▪ 1st roll – 1st exercise from box number rolled
   ▪ 2nd roll – 2nd exercise from box number rolled
   ▪ 6 rolled – all Pax x10 burpees (continue with numbering)
   ▪ Repeat until time is called



   ▪ 02/11/22:   2nd F Lunch at Salsaritas Lexington @ 11:30
   ▪ 02/26/22:   Dam to Dam Relay
   ▪ 03/05/22:   Light the Fight 5K @ Saluda Shoals
   ▪ 03/19/22:   Lexington Race Against Hunger 5K & 10K @ LHS

Prayer Requests & Praises
   ▪ Dunphy’s coworker’s 2 month old child passed away this week
   ▪ Ponzi’s former neighbor had a stroke and is experiencing memory loss
   ▪ Ponzi’s coworker’s mother had an aneurism and is in recovery
   ▪ Ponzi’s coworker’s husband is having to make frequent trips to the ED with reason undetermined
   ▪ LEGO’s dad is moving back to his home in NC
   ▪ LEGO’s FIL is scheduled to return home from rehab on Monday
   ▪ Good Hand’s neighbor’s child passed away this week
   ▪ Ken Doll’s friend had a car accident and imaging revealed potentially cancerous lumps on kidneys and lungs
   ▪ F3 and FiA Pax dealing with cancer
   ▪ Unspoken prayer requests

#T-Claps to Buzz Saw for providing the Dice for today’s shenanigans
#T-Claps to Good Hands for rolling only 1s & 6s.  Bold strategy cotton.  #BurpeeKing
#T-Claps to Ken Doll & Cheers for covering 2+ miles at BC this morning #StrongWork


DEVO: Small Action, Big Impact

“When people think about traveling back to the past, they worry about radically changing the present by doing something small, but barely anyone in the present really thinks that they can radically change the future by doing something small today.”
      – Unknown

Focus on doing a positive action today, no matter how big or small.  The world has enough negativity and bad news, and maybe your positive action will result in a big impact for someone(s).  Go be a shining light for others.


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