• When: 2021-09-28
  • QIC: Cheers
  • The PAX: Mercy Rule, Navy Bean (R), El Chapo, CBD (R), Freon, Boat Plug, Cheers

Touring around the High School at CAT

It’s been a couple of months since YHC Q’d at CAT and we had a good crowd today.  Navy Bean had asked me to sign up a couple of times and when Navy Bean asks you to do something, you better do it!  YHC has a ton of respect for that guy.  There were a couple of guys I was hoping to see today, but maybe they will post next time.  As always, good workout with these men and even better 2nd F.

Great work, today.

Here’s how it went:

Conditions:  Clear, low 60’s


Go grab a block and come back to the flag

The Thang

Overhead carry/mosey with block starting at the track, going down the entry way beside the track, up and around the technology center, to the parking lot in front of the school, and back to the flag.

Stop at select spots for sets of exercises, basically when the Q gets tired of carrying his block.

Start by going down the side entry way overhead carrying, then a mosey with the block to the flag pole in front of tech center.

Set 1 at flag pole:

  • 25 regular Merkins
  • 25 decline
  • 25 incline

Overhead carry past the speed bumps to main entryway to the school.

Set 2 at the school entryway adjacent to tech center:

  • Squats x 25 with block
  • Sumo squats x 25 with block
  • Calf raises x 50

Overhead carry across entryway to parking lot in front of the school.  Stop at middle island.

Set 3 at center island:

  • Flutter kicks x 25 each leg
  • LBC x 25
  • American Hammer x 25 (2 count)

Walk around parking lot to other side of the middle island.

Set 4 opposite side of center island:

  • Block press x 25
  • Tricep extension x 25
  • Bent over rows x 25

Walk toward main entryway and face the gym.

Set 5 down entryway from Hwy 1 going toward the gym, ending in front of it:

  • Walking block lunges x 25 each leg
  • Walking curls x 25
  • Walking with block held out in front of you to first light pole, roughly 50 yards

Walk back to flag

Set 6 at flag:

  • At each corner of the parking lot between the track and gym, do 5 burpees and mosey to next corner.  We start at the flag for 5 burpees and end there with 5 to complete 25 total burpees.

Put up block and return to flag:


  • 6 inches for 1.5 minutes


  • Gauntlet starts 10/18
  • Cheech 10k on 11/13


  • Our cancer warriors: Notebook, Spackle, No Show, Slim Jim
  • Family of Ryan Fischer, past Equipment Director for the Gamecocks and friend of Mercy Rule, among many, many others.  Leaves behind a wife who is pregnant with their child.
  • Mulligan’s daughter with appendicitis
  • Continued prayers for Navy Bean and family
  • YHC’s dad
  • Aging parents
  • Our country
  • Marriages


“The only thing necessary for the triumph of evil is for good men to do nothing.” It’s a quote routinely attributed to Edmund Burke. But it turns out falsely so. Apparently, he never uttered these words. At best, the essence of the quote can be traced back to the utilitarian philosopher John Stuart Mill.  Either way, the spirit of the quote remains the same.

Psalm 24 better illustrates this sentiment:

If you do nothing in a difficult time,

your strength is limited.

Rescue those being taken off to death,

and save those stumbling toward slaughter.

If you say, “But we didn’t know about this,”

won’t He who weighs hearts consider it?

Won’t He who protects your life know?

Won’t He repay a person according to his work?

However, we are bound by our Creator to step in during difficult times.  We are asked to protect our houses and our families.  We are asked to set difficult guidelines for our children so that they are raised properly and be responsible for their actions.  We are asked to be responsible for our own actions and stand up against the enemy who is trying to make invade us constantly.  Evil enters our houses through TV, computer, cell phones, and even through boredom.  We have to constantly be on the lookout and protect our houses.

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