• When: 2019-04-19
  • QIC: Quisenberry, + Thumbs up, + Postal
  • The PAX: Shake and bake, giggity, strut, breakfast, good hands, voltron, overnight, soaker, koondog, Magellan, boo boo, chinstrap, booster, tater, pickaxe, hatchet, GED, buzzsaw, whisper, Ranger, Irrev, little giants, globe trotter (fia) the nature boy, weekend special, Netflix, pearl, genie, beast boy, gamer, legs, (fia) mountain goat (fia) banjo, potus, bionic, JJ, Pyro (fia) Stars (fia) Mozart (fia) swoosh (fia) flare (fia) Tigress (fia) bomber (fia) globe trotter (fia) Lego, nick, dunphy, shorthaul, cheers, digger, spudnick, hemmingway, Forrest, shades of grey, Swanson, muggy tape, spackle.

Gauntlet Day 10 Cross Ruck backblast

Day 10 of the 2019 gauntlet landed on the cross ruck on Good Friday.

when originally planning the event and factoring in P200 we didn’t know where we’d land but God had a plan and it worked out great to end this way!

Let me say that I was honored and blessed to see these HIMs everyday, there was encouragement, there was betterment. I saw honor and integrity from many men, the greatest growth often comes from great teachers! What a blessing!

We were honeored to host 63 PAX at 0400 for the final day and most important message of all 10 days! Total attendance for the gauntlet this year was 443 over 11 days with 18 men completing the 10 day challenge. 7 outstanding stallions even added the murph to the list!

Great work!

Here’s how the Cross Ruck went down!

thanks to the FIA ladies for coming out! And 2.0’s!

Condtions: muggy, but fair no #cantore to defy 64

Shout out to Thumbs up and Quisenberry for making this thing happen! Huge props!

welcome, Prayer, disclaimer.

2019 Cross Ruck

  • Parking – Student lot by the bridge
  • Leave parking lot via bridge,
  • up to front lot and top of reaper hill,
  • Spooky trail around to the back of the SuperSecret Field of Dreams.
  • Stop 1 – Gethsemane (0.7 miles)
  • pain station / group challenge on the field
  • Back down to parking lot and
  • around back of school to band field
  • Stop 2 – Court/Trial in the “COURT” yard (0.5 miles)
  • pain Station/challenge on the band field
  • Continue down to tennis courts and up to the bottom of Reaper
  • Stop 3 – Calvary on Reaper (0.3+0.1)+(0.4)
  • Pain Stations at light poles, and carrying cross up hill.
  • recover at the bottom
  • Take trail around the track to the back road and into the Football Stadium.
  • Stop 4 – Tomb and Devo (0.5)

Time for Stop: (60 minutes)

  • Parking/Into – 10
  • Geth – 15
  • Court – 15
  • Calvary – 10
  • Tomb – 10

Total Distance

  • Reaper x1 = 2.5 Travel time at 20 min/mile pace = 0:50:00 – Total 1:50:00
  • Reaper x2 = 2.9 Travel time at 20 min/mile pace = 0:58:00 – Total 1:58:00
  • Reaper x3 = 3.3 Travel time at 20 min/mile pace = 1:06:00 – Total 2:06

Emphasis numbers 

  • 3 – obvious Trinity
  • 7&10 – Numbers of completion
  • (13×3), (40-1), or 39 – number of lashes received by the scourging.
  • 40 – number of days for the flood, and Jesus Fasting in the wilderness before being tempted, and lent
  • .Pain stations included Merkins. Bear crawls, squats, BB Sit-ups, and burpees.

Topics Health of Jesus, the scourging, the medical aspect, the crucifixion.

Quisenberry covered these accounts in a great way for us all to understand! Excellent work!

Conclusion, who do YOU say this man called Jesus is?


Gauntlet closing ceremony! 

  • Booster 11
  • Boo boo 
  • Buzzsaw 11
  • Cheers 
  • Dunphy 11
  • Genie 
  • Koondog 11
  • Megellan 
  • Nature boy 11
  • Nick 
  • Overnight 11
  • Pick axe 11
  • Postal 
  • Ranger 
  • Soaker 
  • Short haul
  • Whisper 

Extra effort! 

Tater. Hit the murph on Saturday but had a situation at work to handle missed a day! Great effort! 


Lot of things we put our attention towards and put our hands to the task 

These last two weeks we focused on having a devo every day, hammering down spiritually.

Because out of of all thing things we put our hands to. This one matters the most 

“The prophet who has a dream may relate his dream, but let him who has My word speak My word in truth. What does straw have in common with grain?” declares the LORD. “Is not My word like fire?” declares the LORD, “and like a hammer which shatters a rock?”

Jeremiah 23:28-29