• When: 2019-04-18
  • QIC: Mayhem
  • The PAX: Stats (respect), Magellan, Schrute, Game Plan, Mayplant (respect), Big Load, Sacajawea (respect), Crackhead (respect), Whaler (respect), Mayhem (respect)




SSH  x  25 IC
TTT  x   25 IC
LBAC’s  x  25 IC  forward & reverse
Squats  x  25 IC
Merkins x 50 OYO

The Thang

PAX moseys to tennis courts for Blackjack….with a twist

PAX lines up down one side of tennis courts. 20 merkins on near side, 1 American Hammer on far side. Counting down until 1 merkin on near side & 20 American Hammers on far side. The twist is that every time you cross the center area between the two courts you must stop & do one Burpee. Going & returning.

Plank work while rest of PAX completes Blackjack.

PAX moseys to Rectory/Fair & lines up facing north.

Bear crawl to telephone pole on right then mosey to Fair/Chesnut.

Flutter Kicks x 25 IC
Hello Dolly’s x 25 IC

PAX moseys to to Chesnut/Lyttleton.

Freddie Mercury’s  x  25 IC

PAX lines up on Lyttleton facing south.

Bear crawl to second telephone pole on left then mosey to Lyttleton/Rectory.

Box Cutters x 25 IC

PAX hurries over to retrieve blocks for quick block work all on knees

Skull Crushers x 15 IC
Overhead Press x 12 IC
Curls x 12 IC
Chest Press x 12 IC


Announcements: Reminder of upcoming Clinic Classic Run on 04/27/2019.

Moleskin: After suffering through a snails pace workout (too much standing around!) with Black Beard’s Revenge on Tuesday, YHC was itching to pick up the pace. The goal was to “always be moving”. The PAX met the challenge as the intensity increased. YHC apologizes for having to cut the block work short, as it’s always a crowd favorite….

As always, an honor to lead!