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More Merkins than Planned

AO: Thunder
Q: Silent Bob
PAX: Spot, Churchkey, Bucket Truck, CESS, Oscar, Insanity, Costanza, Huffy, Ronda, Betamax, SweetTart, Silent Bob, Dog Faced Gremlin
FNGs: None
Planned for 200 Merkins, but finished with 300 total because we were “great on time” and “Spot dared me”. Merkin count includes variations (burpees, incline/decline).

– Slaughter Starter (Burpees x20)
– Grass Pickers
– Imperial Walkers
– Arm Circles (Forwards, Backwards, Turkish Night Club, Raise the Roof)
– Merkins x30

– Mosey to Basketball Court
– Lunge Walk down and back
– Merkins x25
– Bear Crawl down and back
– Big-Boy Sit-Ups x20
– Suicide
– PAX shoots a free throw to see if we’re done… misses
– Suicide
– Q shoots a free throw to see if we’re done… makes
– Suicide
– Merkins x25
– Mosey to amphitheater at Emily Douglas Park
– Calf Raises x50
– Incline Merkins x25
– Step-Ups a.k.a. “Show Girls” x30 (each leg x15)
– Decline Merkins x25
– Slow-Fast Squats x25 (in cadence)
– Merkins x25
– Calf Raises x50
– Incline Merkins x25
– Show Girls x30 (each leg x15)
– Decline Merkins x25
– Slightly faster Slow-Fast Squats x15 (in cadence)
– Merkins x25
– Mosey to AO

– Ukrainian Hammer x25
– Mosey a few feet to big, giant field
– Merkins x25
– Teddy Rocks x10 (w/ disclaimer)
– Teddy Rolls x10
– Boat/Canoe
– Merkins x25
– Flutter Kicks x25
– Back to AO

– Register for #merkin-challenge here: charitychallenges.org/plans/2023-spring-challenge/
— Sign up for “2023 Spring Challenge” and join the team named “F3 Columbia”
– Legion Day (observed) on 5/16 from 0515-0615 at Hampton Park (coordinates: 33.986342, -80.959842)


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