• When: 2023-04-29
  • QIC: Blue Bloods
  • The PAX: Pole Dance, No Help, Bubble Wrap, Dominion, Spillway, Black Betty, Wee Wee, Doogie, Tupperware (R), Flo, Tin Man (FNG (R)), Funny Man, Laimbeer, Chop Shop, Cheers, Coon Dog, Duff, Soaker (R), Pick Axe, Bear Market, Katniss (R), Pop Off, Mud Dog (R), Bogey, Trader Joe, Columbo (R), Atomic, Head Gear, Slum Lord (R), Wild Hog (R), Cowbell (R), Beta Max, Bunk Bed, Snowflake, Oscar (R), Ken Doll, Bulldog (R), Forest, Spanky, Dunphy (R), Buzzsaw (R), The Nature Boy (R), Blue Bloods.


Some brief history: On December 4, 2021 an OG in the CrossFit community sadly took his own life leaving behind a wife and two young children.  He suffered greatly from depression, PTSD and mental illness after retiring from the U.S. Army.  Despite his passion to coach and help others unlock their true potential, his own personal darkness became too much to see any light.  A personal friend to YHC’s M, YHC wanted to come up with some sort of event to help our veteran’s here in Lexington….but how?  The CrossFit community came up with a workout called “Suffer”.  After thought and considerations and modifications (making it more F3-friendly), the Don’t Suffer Challenge was born.  

Last year we embarked on the inaugural Don’t Suffer and it was a massive success.  Due to the generosity of the PAX and sponsors, we were able to donate $3,7000 to the Midlands Transitional Retreat Center.  Although the final number is still being tallied and finalized, F3 is positioned to surpass last year’s donation (if all goes as planned of course). YHC continue to be moved and humbled by the generosity and selflessness with the F3 community in Lexington and its surrounding areas.  For the second year in a row, the Don’t Suffer Challenge was a tremendous success.

Here’s what went down…..


Mid-60’s and PERFECT!

2 minute warning…..GO TIME!  

Disclaimer, Not a Pro, FNG, Listen to Body

Opening Prayer

Mosey to the track


SSH IC x 10; LBAC IC x 10, RLBAC IC x 10, TTT IC x 10

The Thang

The Don’t Suffer Challenge

AMRAP in 44 Minutes:

-19 Burpees

-20 Iron Crosses

-1 25 Yard Bear Crawl

-14 Jump Squats

-4 Burp and Merk (Burpee with 4 Merkins in down position back to up position is 1 Rep)

-1 25 Yard Bear Crawl

-18 Plank Jacks

-4 Burp and Merk

***While is working to complete above, partner does a 400m run around the track. When they switch partner who ran picks up exercises where other partner left off

Mosey back to the MANY Shovel Flags


Name-O-Rama, Count-O-Rama


-Ken Doll who helped turn this idea into reality last year

-No Help our Nantan for the social media push



-Eggo for the logo

-PAX who helped set up

-Our Sponsors: TDC Cleaning Services, Old Mill Chiropractic, Old Mill Brew Pub, Jen Wilkes State Farm, Spotters Nutrition, Meeting Street Motors, CMC, South Carolina Pole and Piling, Fast Casual, Weiner and Rice, Salsarita’s

-ALLLL PAX Present and not for their generous donations and contributions

Devo (s):

Tote the Load – by Nate Norman (Postal)

Giants – by Travis Price (Ken Doll)

***Help others tote the load, and we all have our own giants to face.***

Prayer Requests:

-Hawk’s 2.0 (Naomi)

-Cheer’s M (Ashley)

-Garth’s M (Janet)

-Hot for Teacher

-Muggy Tape’s Dad

-Mater (The Arena)

-Nikita (Jumanji)


-Aging Parents


-Our Country


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