• When: 2022-09-05
  • QIC: Pipeline, Prodigal
  • The PAX: Silver Bullet, Swingline, Hawg, Mud Dawg, Handlebar, Spot, BabyRuth, Fallout, Fountainhead, capgun, Pipeline, Friar Tuck, Ash, Biggie Smalls, Snowflake, Prodigal, TapeWorm, Bemis, CESS, Odyssey, Jar Jar, SweetTart, Garnish, Tube Socks, Recount, 8 Mile, Papagiorgio, Nails, Leprechaun, Escrow, Love Child

Prodigal Takes the Reins

AO: The Bull
FNGs: None
31 pax declined to linger in the fartsack on a holiday, paid their respects to the #ConcreteBeast, and welcomed a new AOQ to the saddle.The Thang:

Gather at the corner of Blossom and Bull Streets. Run to the top of the Bull Street hill stopping at Devine Street. Hang a left and enter the first of three garage stairwells. Climb to the top and complete 20 merkins. Descend down the same stairwell stopping at the base to complete 20 LBC’s. Continue down the Bull Street hill stopping at the 2nd garage stairwell. Up and down with 20 merkins at the top and 20 LBC’s at the bottom. Continue down the Bull Street hill stopping at the 3rd and lowest garage stairwell. Climb up and down with 20 merkins at the top and 20 LBC’s at the bottom. Continue down to the base of the Bull Street hill rounding the power pole. That’s 1 rep. Rinse & Repeat for 45-minutes completing AMRAP. With each new rep one merkin and LBC is removed (20, 20, 20; 19, 19, 19; 18, 18, 18; etc.).

The Bullseye: run up Bull, down Pickens, up Henderson, down Pickens, back to start.

The Raging Bull alternates one lap of The Bull and one lap of the Bullseye if you can’t make up your mind.


YHC introduces @Prodigal as the new AOQ. In the relatively short time YHC has known him, he has proven to be a dedicated, dependable, and caring leader who also happens to be tough as nails—having had near perfect AO attendance all summer even battling injury. He will be an outstanding AOQ.

YHC has been honored to be the caretaker of the Bull this past year and change. Thanks to all the men of all three regions who have come out and worked hard at the flagship tri-region AO.

BOM by @Prodigal #Professional


9/12 – 0530 – The Bull 9/11 special
10/8 – 0700 – F3 Columbia 10 year anniversary, 0400 (or 430?) preruck option, 2nd & 3rd F events TBD
10/15 – 0600 (0530 slow bird start) – Bullseye Half Marathon
12/17 – Cold Brew Half(ish) Marathon

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