• When: 2022-09-03
  • QIC: BunkBed
  • The PAX: BunkBed, Hawg, SweetTart, Churchkey, Winston, R2D2, Ebert, Emmy, PETA, Deadstick, Flea, Bunny

The Wall Runs the Red Bank Invitational

AO: The Wall
FNGs: 1 Bunny
Wheels up at 0600
Ruckers: footpathapp.com/routes/red-bank-invitational-ruck-route/f0b180cc-8caa-40bc-9218-602d8a7c8887
Runners: www.strava.com/activities/7746810147
Cool weather made the run enjoyable! PAX almost ran into a spiderweb as we navigated from the neighborhood to the golf course. Winston and SweetTart took off in the dark leaving the main group behind. Main group stuck together well for first several miles and made it to the first water stop around mile 4. Main group found Winston and SweetTart as we were about to run behind the clubhouse. Sadly, we chose the wrong path behind the clubhouse and all YHC memorized was at the next turn we needed to go right. Not realizing this we went back to the clubhouse (oops!) Route resumed in the correct direction and we made it to water station 2. For the most part we ran the neighborhood as a team made it to the third water station at Emmy’s house then headed home. We had a 11 yr old keep pace with us the whole time! Whhhhaaaaaat!? Sadly, Flea and Deadstick did not see the water station. :'( Winston said it best stating the golf course part of the path felt like a mix of road and trail running. Another running adventure in the books for the PAX. #thebadboysofrunning #anotherbrickinthewall
COT: FNG got the name Bunny from the Energizer Bunny, little dude has wheels!
Prayers for Churchkey’s mom and SweetTart’s youngest son.
Strong coffeteria with sausage, Hawaiian rolls, muffins, fruits and some famous Alter Boy Coffee!

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