April Beep Test

DISCLAIMER THE THANG 1. THE BEEP TEST (run from line to line when you hear the beep. Beeps get closer together. Go till failure.) results are here. 2. Mosey around to the football field. Do some suicides, sprint down 100, 80, 60, 40, then 20 yeards of field, then never-ending relays till time expires. …

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Musical Q

6 pax make it out to Jumanji. YHC arrived in warmer attire than usual due to illness. No relation between Pajanimal and myself, YHC just couldn’t locate any long workout pants, so pajamas had to do. DISCLAIMER THE THANG (I think it went like this…): mosey around the lot. circle up. imperial walkers x 20 …

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100 reps

3 pax arrived at Jumanji for a self-declared “goodun.” We did a bunch of reps of a few exercises. Though we didn’t get 1000 like Ron Burgundy, we did do 100 of each. CONDITIONS: the thirties WAIVER THE THANG: warmup lap (25 x imperial walkers (4 count) 25 x overhead claps 25 x squat (4 …

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