• When: 11/22/2014
  • QIC: Garmin
  • The PAX: Columbo, Kipper, Garmin

100 reps

3 pax arrived at Jumanji for a self-declared “goodun.” We did a bunch of reps of a few exercises. Though we didn’t get 1000 like Ron Burgundy, we did do 100 of each.

CONDITIONS: the thirties



warmup lap

(25 x imperial walkers (4 count)
25 x overhead claps
25 x squat (4 count)
25 x toe taps (4 count))x 2

run over to the school

(10 x dip, 10 x merkin, 10 x lbc, 10 x calf raises) x 10

run back to Howard Park

(20 x SSH (4 count), 20 x alternating lunges (4 count), 20 x flutter kick (4 count)) x 5

run over to playground equipment

(50 x little arm circles (half forward/half back)(crowd pleaser), 50 x Russian twist (single count)) x 2

imperial walker- 100 single count
overhead clap- 100 single count
squat- 100 single count
toe taps 100 single count (both toes = 1)
dips- 100 single count
merkins- 100 single count
lbc- 100 single count
calf raises- 100 single count
SSH- 100 4 count
alternating lunges- 100 4 count
flutter kicks- 100 4 count
little arm circles- 100 4 count
russian twist- 100 single count



Solid job by the men here today. This was a test in mental strength, as it became clear early on that anything we started doing, we were doing 100 of.

Kipper and Columbo are beasts, they post practically every day, and you can see the results already. Proud of these guys.


Christmas Party on Dec 19 at Country Club of Lexington

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