D Day At Sawmill

Welcome, Strong disclaimer! Mosey, warm-up (75 reps-ish) start in on some mostly accurate D-day facts (5 divisions, 5 beaches, 5 allies), mosey to football “field.” Some old skool calisthenics and F3 exicon with military lineage: O-overhead clap, V-v-ups, E-elf on the shelf, R-reverse crunch, L-leg wreckers, O-one legged burpees (challenged the sharpest minds with coordination, …

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Bday Q (1971 & 48)

Rudder disclaimer and warm up: LBAC, finkleswings, ospreys, merkins, SSH, squats, cherry pickers, hillbillies, etc., etc. Grabba CMU and cusak to school lot. Line up. 1-burpee, mosey length of lot and back, 9-merkins, mosey length of lot and back, 7-big boys, mosey length of lot, jail break back, 1-burpee, warm up complete. Mosey to football …

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Leg day

Disclaimer and Warm-up, Tennis Court for Team DORA 1-2-3, two teams: -two stop shuttle “sprint” for half of your team while other half of your team starts to accumulate their numbers, rotating thru exercises, 100 merkins, 200 LBCs, 300 squats, as a team. Mosey to bottom of the hill for Jacobs Ladder: -jail break to top …

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