• When: 2019-06-06
  • QIC: Cottontail
  • The PAX: Lord Business, Whodat, Pharmateer, Cheessteak, Gepetto, Ikea, Betty Crocker.

D Day At Sawmill

Welcome, Strong disclaimer!

Mosey, warm-up (75 reps-ish) start in on some mostly accurate D-day facts (5 divisions, 5 beaches, 5 allies), mosey to football “field.”

Some old skool calisthenics and F3 exicon with military lineage:

O-overhead clap,


E-elf on the shelf,

R-reverse crunch,

L-leg wreckers,

O-one legged burpees (challenged the sharpest minds with coordination, it was ugly),


D-diamond merkins.

H-hour course: through the tires (rushing off the landing craft with high knees through the surf), scaled two ball field fences, aka “point du hoc”(definitely trespassing, ironically two minor injuries on landings), a variation of ‘Everest’ up bleachers, through the tunnel (using ball field sand as our beach), mosey inland to our final objective (parking lot).

BOM, count/name-o-rama, announcements/prayer requests, silent prayer.