• When: 2019-06-06
  • QIC: Milkman
  • The PAX: Box Wine, Tramp Stamp, Laettner, Arrears, Darla, Hostel, Stage Coach, Purdue, Turkey Burger, Moose, J Dee, Milkman, Brother Si, EZ, Neck Brace

Cloudy and Humid w/ a Chance of Burpees

15 PAX post at DEPOT for YHC’s VQ. YHC has been delaying this but was determined to get in in before his 1 yr anniversary which was thought to be late June but is actually July 21st. (Dang, this could have been delayed a little longer but grateful for the mistake). Today’s workout was inspired by Hokey Pokey’s last Q at G.O.A.T. (where YHC posts on Tuesdays) and then modified to include a “chance of Burpees”. The “50/50” chance ended up more like “70/30” which was a crowd pleaser for sure.

CONDITIONS: 72 and humid with a 70% (well, really more like 100%) chance of burpees

WARM UP: SSHx10, Mosey to bottom of hill then TTTx10 and windmill x10. Mosey up the road to 1st entrance then Hill Billy x10, Mosey back up to the block house then LAC x10, reverse x10, then Overhead Arm Claps x10. Grab a block then circle back up in the parking lot. Special recognition at this point for JD volunteering to DJ. He cranked it up at this point. Note: Not only did he not fartsack as predicted by Moose, he arrived early! Good job JDee.

THE THANG: A series of exercises starting at 100 reps, then 90, then 80, 70 and so on… CROWD PLEASER: before each exercise, a random PAX drew for a chance of either bonus burpees or no burpees. First round was 1 burpee, second round 2, then 3,4,5, etc…  One would think during 10 rounds with a 50/50 shot at bonus burpees, that about 1/2 would be drawn. The men of DEPOT (and our two brothers visiting from Foxhole, Bro Si and Purdue) defied the odds and drew the Burpee card 7 times. I lost count at 37. Stage Coach won the prize for drawing the highest card with 10.

Once 10 rounds were completed, a 45 second break was earned. During this break, Bro Si pulled and read one of 3 possible devo cards. He pulled 1 Timothy 4:8 which states “For physical training is of some value, but godliness has value for all things, holding promise for both the present life and the life to come.” This prompted me me to check myself… I really enjoy Boot-camp and handball (Sunday nights at 8:00 @F3TheOcho…be there), but do I put as much or more effort/enthusiasm into growing spiritually??

Started the climb back up without opportunities for Burpees and made it to 60. Returned blocks, to the flag,

Good work men. It was a pleasure and FYI… I will save the cards for another time:)






CONDITIONS: 72 and humid with (what ended up as) a 100% chance of burpees