• When: 2019-06-06
  • QIC: Cramps
  • The PAX: Wee Wee, Zaccheus, Lt. Dan, Abner, Pole Dance, Nail Pop, All 9s, Dominion, Twerk, Ranger (R), Mulligan, Big Al, Rec, Butt Dial, Bogey, Escobar, 2 star, Splatter, Miranda, Cramps.

Winging it, but not really.

Started off today with 9 stride liters followed by 20 PAX for a muggy morning BC. No doubt about it, these guys put their heads down and WORK. Consistent squad out there, thanks for having me!

Conditions: 75 slight breeze for SL, no air movement for BC


FNGs = 0



Mosey to field near bus loop
SSH x 15 IC
TTT x 15 IC

Mosey to Front of school
Line up at first awning column – 20 merkins; run down to furthest awning column – 20 Prison Cell Jump Squats
Taper down one rep each time until you get to 15 merkins and 15 PCJS
Imperial Walkers waiting on the 6

Mosey to Light Pole 1 near Calks Ferry
75% speed to Light Pole 2 – 20 LBCS and back to Light Pole 1 – 20 LBCs, then back to Light Pole 3 – 20 LBCs, back to Light Pole 1 – 20 LBCs, AYG to Light Pole 4 – 20 LBCs and Back to Light Pole 1 – 20 LBCs. Heel touches waiting on the 6.
Line up at Pole 1 face the school and lateral shuffle to Light Pole 3 and back, staying faced toward the school

Mosey to Grass area near end of car rider line.
In and Outs = 1 minute
Big Boy Sit ups = 1 minute
Low Plank = 1 minute

Mosey to PlayGround
starting with 1 Diamond Merkin and 10 Pull ups
Finish with 10 diamond Merkins and 1 pull up

Mosey to Loading Dock
Circle up around Agility Ladder
Everyone in high plank rotate each PAX in to performing ladder drill of 2 feet in each hole down and back.
High plank > Plank Jacks > Mountain Climbers > LBCs > BBSU > Merkins > HR Merkins > Air Squats > Squats on my count



-0630 On Sunday Surge Communion Run
-P200 sign ups, BRR sign ups
-Saturday Option – The Hollow
-75th Anniversary of D-Day.

Prayer Requests
-Injured Reserve- Rosie, Flipper, Brick, Half Empty
-Breaker Breaker’s Brother
-Unspoken Prayers