• When: 2019-06-06
  • QIC: Happy Trees
  • The PAX: Wilson, Nub, Rabbi, Putz, Hollywood, Shankopotamus, Puck, Urkle, Caboose, Babe, TnG, Stay Puff, Happy Trees

DDay Thruster Frisbee Extravaganza

  1. YHC had been perusing the pages of hero WOs for a couple of days and had originally decided to mash up a Vietnam Hero WO with the remembrance of DDay. We stuck to the plan but YHC also thought it would be fun for some of the guys who cant make it out on Saturday to mix in some ultimate time and have a little fun.

Once again Rabbi’s Reapers have cut down some stalk. This time Urkles Jerkles fell victim to the blade. Rabbis Reapers take the win 10-1…at least it wasn’t a shut out!

Conditions: calm and balmy

Disclaimer.                                                          Prayer

Traveling “not so Circle of Pain”                                 TTTx15 IC, Windmill x12 IC, Tempo Squat x10 OQC, OH clap x15IC

The thang:                                                                     After Putz finally showed up we could get down to business. Mosey to the block pile and pick up a block and a partner. Its a date.  Circle up for a DDay Thruster tribute MODIFIED and taken from the Kalsu Hero WOD.

EMOM: 5 burpees, thrusters. Repeat every minute until 75 thrusters have been shared. Continue until all PAX complete (we did 3 rounds).

Mosey to the field for Ultimate.

Prayer Request:

Wilson’s Mom (Biopsy), Nubs family (international travel). Praise for SK being back home!

Announcements: 3 year anniversary celebrated June 20th: Nub on Q, Rooster sheet is wide open…its a good gig, No Monday Bible Study