• When: 2019-06-06
  • QIC: Pocahontas
  • The PAX: Dance Off, Booster, Treadmill, Hatchet, Pick Axe, Globo Gym, Quisenberry, Wapner Jobu, Canseco, Buttermaker (R), Fry Daddy(R)

Bear Crawls, Bricks and Blocks

*I am not a professional

The Thang
*Mosey to back parking lot
*Circle up
*Exercise In Cadence
>SSH x10
>TTT x10
>LBAC x10
>IPW x10
>RLBAC x9 (Q can’t count)

*Pair up and Mosey to Block Pile
*Partner A gets block, while Partner B gets two bricks
*Mosey to bottom of hill by soccer field

*Partner A stands at the bottom of the hill with the block while Partner B is at the top of the hill with the bricks
>Partner A does 15x block merkins while Partner B does Curls for the Girls
>Partner A then travels up the hill and switches with Partner B
>Each partner completes this circuit twice
>Set exercises changes
*Partner A does 15 block squats while Partner B does brick shoulder press
>Two circuits for each partner
>Partner B then comes down the hill with the bricks

The real fun begins
*Partner A stands on the track with the block while Partner B goes to the second tree with the bricks
*Partner A does 10 block press while partner B does tricep extensions
*Both partners then begin to bear crawl towards each other, meeting in the middle(ish)
*Both partners then Stop, Drop, Roll on their 6 and complete 20 BBS, before continuing to the other side to complete the other partners exercise.
*Each partner bear crawls back to their original starting place, stopping to Stop, Drop and Roll.
*Three total sets were completed
> Set 1- Partner A- Block Press, Partner B- Tricep Extensions, SDR- BBS
> Set 2- Partner A- Block Squats, Partner B- Butterflies, SDR- American Hammers
> Set 3- Partner A- Block Shoulder Press, Partner B- 3 Burpees, SDR- Flutter Kicks

*Mosey back to the block Pile
*Pax mosey to side parking lot

*Pax then find a space on the planter
*1 set of 10 incline Merkins OTO
*40 total step ups, switching feet OTO
*1 set of 10 incline merkins OTO

*Mosey to Shovel Flag
*On their six
*One minute of boat canoe in cadence
*25 LBCs OTO
*30 seconds of non stop LBCs OTO


Count Off
Name, AGE, Nickname

*Tuesday Night F2
*Shirt Order

Prayer Requests
*Swanson’s Dad
*Dance Off’s M
*Norris Family
**My phone stopped recording so I apologize for any others named but not listed**

There’s more to life then winnning

Great Work Guys