• When: 2019-02-19
  • QIC: Cottontail
  • The PAX: Rudder (respect), Whodat (respect), Betty Crocker, Gepetto, Cheesesteak, Haggle, Beast, Snowden.

Bday Q (1971 & 48)

Rudder disclaimer and warm up: LBAC, finkleswings, ospreys, merkins, SSH, squats, cherry pickers, hillbillies, etc., etc.

Grabba CMU and cusak to school lot. Line up.

1-burpee, mosey length of lot and back,

9-merkins, mosey length of lot and back,

7-big boys, mosey length of lot, jail break back,

1-burpee, warm up complete.

Mosey to football field, 3x 3-man teams, 1 tire, 1 coupon per team.

Tire flip across field and back, rotating positions there and back, 2 pax flipping, 1 on coupon:

4x flips,

8x Bobby Hurley’s .

Backs hurting, needed to lift with legs! Same teams, lose the tire, grab the coupon.

2 pax Lt Dans across the field, 1 pax overhead press w/ coupon, rotate thru the coupon across the field. Coming back, added mountain climbers with curls, LT Dans getting slower.

4x Lt Dans,

8x mountain climbers & 8x curls.

Mosey back to the blocks at the school, realize can’t get the hours worth of work in 45 minutes, roll with it, modify.

From the high plank, block under your nose, with one hand, either hand, push or pull the block from center, arms length away, to position just outside the shoulder. I’ll call this a sweeper.

4x sweeper to each side,

8x crab cakes, mosey/sprint length of parking lot and back.

From high plank and block under your nose, push the block with one hand, either hand, forward one arms length, creeping forward and following with other hand and feet, like a modified bear crawl. I’ll call this a creeper.

4x creepers each hand, mosey to end of parking lot,

8x big boys, back to block.

Rinse and repeat both series,

4x sweepers,

8x crab cakes, sprint,

4x creepers, sprint,

8x big boys, mosey.

Cusak the CMU back to the brick pile. Meet at the green deck to wrap up. On the line (watch out for the poles).

1-burpee, 3-stop suicide.

9-spider mans, 3-stop suicide.

7-V-ups, suicide.


Circle up, announcements/COR (sequence debated), BOM.

**or something like, close enough for a back blast!