• When: 2017-11-30
  • QIC: CottonTail
  • The PAX: Shredder, Ikea, DaVinci (FNG), DaddyWarbucks, SpeedBump, TigerShark, BettyCrocker, Shuttlecock, Squidward, Gepetto (Welcome Back)

Blocks Burpees Tires and Choppin’ wood

Disclaimer, Warm-up, general description of the thang, mosey to football field with three sledge hammers where we find a dozen large landscaping blocks, three tractor tires, some sandbags, car tires, picnic table.

  • Round 1 = 10 reps ea. exercise; start near side with blocks/exercise, hustle approx 45 yards across field, execute far side exercise w/out block, return to near side/block, etc.
  • Overhead press w/block–>Carolina dry docks
  • Curls w/block–>merkins
  • Squats w/block–>Peter Parkers
  • Standing side crunch w/block (10x each side)–>original burpee
  • One hand elevated merkin off block (10x each side)–>big boys
  • Reverse crunch (using block as a hold/leverage)–>American hammer
  • Round 2 = Rinse/repeat for 15 reps each.

Break into three even-ish teams, with one tractor tire/sledge hammer each team. Everyone starts in a high plank and then begins rotating through the following:

  • Chop wood (sledge hammer on tractor tire),
  • High step through car tires (the old football drill) to picnic table,
  • 10x Dips,
  • Return high stepping through car tires,
  • Chop wood or return to high plank, depending on rotation/sequence.
  • Intent/metric is each team member chops wood at least once and executes one set of dips, end of round
  • Rinse/repeat sequence for 15 dips each.

Last event; Tire flip/plank across field, at least two men flipping tire (lift with the legs, not the back), remaining pax hold a plank until they cycle in, and return back to start.

Clean up equipment, mosey back to cars, count-o-rama, name-o-rama, announcements, BOM.

Moleskin, its a lot to do and best for an hour long Saturday gloom/post.