• When: 2017-11-30
  • QIC: Cheers
  • The PAX: Notebook, Buzzsaw (R), Dunphy, Dooda, Coon Dog, Elmers, Bing, Milk & Cookies, Field Goal, Cheers

Pull-ups, Running, Bricks, & More with Cheers

It was a brisk morning at the Shank, but we got to see the return of Field Goal. It was also a lot louder today because Notebook showed up for his bi-monthly check-up. YHC was also honored with the privilege of carrying the shovel flag and leading these fine men for 2018. Bing did an outstanding job this year and is a great example of leadership to copy.

Mid 40’s clear and brisk

The Thang:

Uncle Ron’s 10 Minutes at pull up shelter:
10 minute pull-up/Merkin challenge….Do one pull up and one merkin the first minute, then add one of each to each proceeding minute (ex: minute 1 is one pull up and one merkin, minute 2 is 2 pull ups and 2 Merkins, etc for 10 minutes). It’s a lot harder than you think.

Stay at Pull Up station (YHC has the Q now)

Dips x 25 OC
5 Burpees
Merkins x 50 OC
Run around volleyball court

Dips x 25 OC
5 Burpees
Plank jacks x 50 OC
Run around volleyball court

Dips x 25 OC
5 Burpees
Squats x 50 OC
Run around volleyball court

Mosey to brick pile then to closest goal line of main soccer field, partner up:

One partner runs to far sidewalk and back while other partner does shoulder presses until failure with bricks. Partners switch.

Rinse and repeat except replace shoulder presses with Calf raises.

Jail break to Shelter for Mary:

Flutter kicks x 25 IC
Hello dollies x 15 IC
Crunches until TIME is called

-Note to self, ignore Uncle Ron when he requests for 10 minutes of Q time. Your Q will NOT be better.
-Great to see Field Goal today, we could only hear Notebook.
-Calf raises are seen as sissy exercises in some circles apparently.


-12/3: Christmas Parade, meet behind Radius Church at 2:45pm
-12/15: Christmas Party
-Shawshank is still collecting donations for a needy family of 6. Please bring all donations to BC or donate to Bing’s PayPal at [email protected]

-Breaker Breaker having some heart issues
-All unspoken