• When: 2020-08-20
  • QIC: BunkBed
  • The PAX: Pups, Farmer, Chinstrap, Tinkle, Brainiac, Hoboken, Harp, Finch, Oboe, PETA, Deadstick, Ebert, Emmy, Finch, Tonka, Katniss

6 Year Anniversary at SnakePit

YHC has the honor of the 6 yr SnakePit Anniversary Q.

Conditions: Humid, but relatively cool.

Opening prayer and then disclaimer

Mosey to warm-up area and then warm-up lap

Planker Omelette

Dirty Dogs 10X IC Right Leg

Alabama Bootie Kickers 10X IC Right Leg

Dirty Dogs 10X IC Left Leg

Alabama Bootie Kickers 10X IC Left Leg



Hill Billies X6 IC

Merkins 6X IC

Flutter Kicks 6X IC

Merkins 6X IC

Flutter Kicks 6X IC

Slo-Mo Squat X10 IC

Toy Soldiers X6 IC

Slo-Mo Squat X6 IC

Arm Circle Song (Subject to change)


When you say I love arm circles, the PAX say after you arm circles I adore

Then the next line dictates the next exercise or how the exercise is modified i.e faster, bigger, overhead claps etc.

Then the Q chants, 6 quarter note “bum” and then 4 eight note “bum-bump-bump-bump (So bum-bum-bum-bum-bum-bum       bum-bump-bump-bump)

Then repeat the I love arm circles, arm circles I adore and then say the next line

At the end say I hate arm circles, PAX will then say arm circles really hurt.  Finally, finish with the last line

Song Lyrics: Lyrics sung by Q denoted with (Q)  and lyrics sung by PAX denoted with (P)

(Q) I love arm circles, (PAX) arm circles I adore

(Q)And since I cannot feel them I’ll do ten million more

(Q)I love arm circles, (PAX)arm circles I adore

(Q)and since this song slaps I think I’ll do some overhead claps

(Q)I love arm circles (PAX)arm circles I adore

(Q)let’s add another factor and make’em faster

(Q)I love arm circles (PAX) arm circles I adore

(Q)we just did them quicker now let’s make’em bigger

(Q) I love arm circles, (PAX) arm circles I adore

(Q) F3 is full of admirable chaps let’s do some seal claps

(Q) I love arm circles (PAX) arm circles I adore

(Q) Now that I’ve got y’all signing the arm circle song praises it’s time for some thumb raises

(Q)I love arm circles, (PAX)arm circles I adore

(Q)This song is going better than I rehearsed time to take these circles in reverse (Forgot to do this one when I Q’d oops)

(Q)I hate arm circles, (PAX)arm circles really hurt

and since I’m about to pop I think I’m gonna stop

Mosey to the middle stairs with bleachers

4 Corners:

Bot1 corner 6 merkins, bearcrawl to Bot2 corner 6 merkins

Run up stairs and 6 squats at top1 corner and lunge to top2 corner do 6 squats Run down stairs rinse and repeat

Ring of Fire Modified

P1 runs up two flights of stairs and back

Remaining PAX do 2 merkins one after the other so P2 does 2 Merkins and then remains in plank then P3 does 2 Merkins etc. When P1 returns P2 proceeds to run.

Q can change the exercise or turn the exercise into NASCAR and have the PAX going to run call out the next exercise

YouTube link to learn how to dance to Footloose. Disclaimer, this is not the exact steps YHC showed the PAX the local dance hall I attend does it slightly differently (Or maybe I just do it differently). Either way you do it you’re guaranteed a great time

What I do differently:

Steps 9-16 are condensed into a diagonal backstep to the right then drag the left foot to your right foot and then a diagonal backstep to the left as opposed to the K step in the video. This would make it a 4 step move instead of 8.

Steps 25-28 are absent in my version. The final four steps are slightly different after the front-front and back-back steps you step forward with your right heel and then to the right with your right foot and then swing your right the foot behind you and turn while kicking your heel out to the side. (I’ll probably make my own video for this at some point)

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