• When: 2020-08-11
  • QIC: Contra
  • The PAX: Handlebar, Papa Giorgio, Hugo, T-Spot, Biggie Smalls, Knock-Off

Fun with Blocks Pt 2 w/ wall of fire

The Thang:

Opening prayer and Disclaimer

Mosey to the Cantina


SSH x15 IC

TTT x15 IC

Windmill x15 IC

Mercans x15 OYO

LBC x15 IC


Mosey to Legoland:

Each pax selected a block and carried around the dark mile. At each corner of the mile (5 stops), the routine consisted of:

Goblin squats OYO

Curls for the Girls OYO



chest press OYO

-reps were 10 each at the first stop, 15 at the second, 20 at the third, 15 at fourth, 10 at fifth


Blocks were returned neatly to their resting places.


Wall of fire: all pax performed a wall-sit while each pax in turn ran out approx 25 ft to perform 10 mercans and returned to the wall


Mosey to shovel flag for Mary:

Imperial Walkers, Hillbillies, flutterkicks, reverse crunch (aka Stormy Daniels), box cutters, Hello Dolly





Prayer requests: Healthcare workers on the frontlines of covid, guidance for our nation/leadership in general 

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