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Tink Tink

AO: Hammer
Q: BunkBed
PAX: Ratatouille, Bindi, Collar, Misfire
FNGs: None
Always a good time to post with the #hammer PAX! Today we learned that Misfire can’t handle the arm circle song and that he needs warmer gloves. Collar rolled in late, but we were able to flag him down and Bindi is going home to his M looking swol tonight! All PAX learned something new today from the exicon.
Mosey around the building to the picnic shelter
Motivator X5
Toy Soldier X10 IC
Side Lunge X10 each side OYO
Regular Lunge X10 each side OYO
Single Leg Deadlift X10 each side OYO
Arm Circle Song (www.f3midlands.com/lexington-sc/6-year-anniversary-at-snakepit)
Michael Phelps IC X10
Merkins X10 OYO
10 Merkins OYO done after each of the exercises to get to total of 100
Alabama Butt Kickers X10 IC each leg
Dirty Dogs X10 IC
Nolan Ryan X10 IC each side
Break dancers X10 IC
Ray Charles X15 IC
Flutter Kicks X15 IC
Chaser LBC X15 IC
Iron Cross X15 OYO
American Hammer X15 IC
Mosey to the playground
Sets in decreasing value
Pull-Ups 4->3->2->1
BBS 12->9->6->3
Merkins 20->15->10->5
Up to 150 Merkins now!
Durham Diggler up to 9 reps across the field
Captain Thor up to 9 reps on the elbow tap LBCs and 27 American Hammers
Hustler Merkins up to 10 reps, but only 2 raise the roof each time
55 more merkins getting us to 205 total!
Mosey back to Flag
Tink Tink
05-16-23 Legion Day
05-21-23 Steel Hands Family Day
05-29-23 Special 1hr #the_bull or Murph at #prowl
06-10-23 #dawnstrike 2.0 friendly Q and Dreher clean-up
COT: Prayer for all those around us and to be thankful for F3! Aye

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