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amble mosey/ name in progress

When: to run concurrent with amble an alternative to amble reminder Mon. Wed. 5:45-6:30, Fri. 5:30- 6:15

Where: Dreher High school parking lot

Purpose: a brisk walk/mosey not more than 3 miles due to time limits

Big Time and myself (FOG) decided to go the Field of Dreams route, “build it and they will come”.  For those reading this with injuries preventing them from boot camp participation and the many run options or have no desire to run, amble mosey is for you.  Additionally, it is a great option for those prepping to ruck.  The idea is a low impact option to get one’s heart rate up without having to run.  Plus, if you are injured, you still get to have fun in the gloom and who doesn’t need that.  Our thought was a walk to assist in shedding the pounds. Therefore, we are filling our need and think others will want to participate.  You can’t run, lift, or are intimidated because you are just starting.  Well, you can walk.  The walk may have pain stations down the road, but so far, we briskly walk. The walk will not exceed 3 miles unless we learn how to speed walk like the olympians- highly unlikely.  Conversation is optional. We won’t even charge extra for the occasional uncomfortable hands touching while in stride.  Come on out and join us. Get rid of the guilt, no sad clowns, no excuses, get started.   WALK THE WALK!



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