• When: 10/09/2014
  • QIC: CandyStripe
  • The PAX: Merkin, Higgins, Treadmill, Candy Stripe


4 PAX post for paired up punishment at the hands of YHC…

Conditions: 65 degrees F, 85 % humidity, Bright Moon

Disclaimer and Prayer

The Thang

Get your Jog on. follow the side walk to the stairs, down around the track and Circle Up


  • SSHx20 IC
  • TTTx20 IC
  • WMx20 IC
  • Merkinx20 IC
  • LBCx20 IC

Partner up with roughly same size PAX

1)PAX #1 hang from goal cross bar and kick cross bar with feet AMRAP. PAX #2 sprint to opposite goal and back. swap and repeat. plank until all are done

2)PAX #1 hanging knee raises AMRAP. PAX #2 Bear Crawl to opposite goal and sprint back. swap and repeat. plank until all are done

3)PAX #1 perform Body weight rows while PAX #2 secures PAX #1 Feet at shoulder level X25, no… recalculating… x15.  swap and repeat. plank until all are done

4)Fireman carry to half field.  swap and continue to opposite goal line. plank until all are done

5)Wheelbarrow to half field. swap and continue to opposite goal line. plank until all are done

Mosey to The Benches

6) Burpee Bench Hops:  Burpee on left side of Bench, hop to top of bench, hop off to the right of bench, Burpee on the right side of bench, this equals one rep.  8 reps total.  plank until all PAX finish.

Mosey to the courtyard with the circle retaining wall

7)BIG BOY sit ups off the edge of retaining wall (going below sea level on the down, touch the ground) partner holds legs SECURELY! X20 no…recalculating… X15 swap and repeat. plank until all are done.

8)Back Flexors off the edge of table (going below sea level on the down) partner holds legs SECURELY! X15 swap and repeat. plank until all are done.

Mosey to the Brick pilehow bout grab 2!

  • Curl for the girls IC while we Mosey to the wall above the stairs.  place all bricks stacked “nicely” on one upside down bucket.
  • Peoples Chair passing bricks from one end to the other via PAX handoff stacking bricks on second upside down bucket. 2bricks at a time for 2 reps then one brick at a time once, recover.
  • Peoples chair again passing Bricks one at a time over head minding your fellow PAX not to let go. recover.


  • FKx30 IC
  • Dollyx20 IC
  • Boat Canoex10 IC
  • Heal Touchesx20 IC
  • IW for walker AMRAPx2 minutes with final 30 seconds at beast mode.

COT: count off, namorama, prayer

Moleskin: A little nervous at the beginning due to a prime number of PAX for a work out planned for pairs. However, Merkin comes to the rescue and evens out the PAX to proceed as planned.  Great Work put in by the PAX.  We had a larger focus on the core than typical. so expect some sore muscles there tomorrow.  Mumble chatter at a Minimum.  I suppose the PAX have come to expect the curveballs thrown at them from YHC and now take them in stride.


  • GO RUCK workouts to start up next week, most likely MWFS but days and times are tentative at this time more to be posted soon.
  • Governor’s cup run
  • Lexington half marathon in December

Prayer Requests

  • Pajanimal back injury
  • Walker Phillips
  • Merkin’s former employee, unexpected death





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