• When: 10/08/14
  • QIC: Magoo
  • The PAX: Shakespeare, Rust, C3PO, EOB, Eh!, Plan B, Gerrymander, Tic Tac, Napalm, Uno, Brother Si, Neckbrace, Moonshine, Queenie

Dust off those rucks and put in the work

15 pax gathered for another GoRuck friendly Thursday at Foxhole.  No logs today but a whole lot of love for our shoulders.

Conditions:  58 degrees, clear, crisp, and very wet grassy field

The Thang:  Disclaimer followed by warmup of 20 Imperial Walkers, 20 Little Arm Circles, 20 Squats (all 4 ct. IC and 10 merkins after each exercise)  Mosey to practice football field.

Shoulder to Shoulder:  Move ruck from one shoulder overhead to the other and back (that is one rep, do 100)  Any breaks of over 5 seconds result in 25 yd bear crawl.  Alternate move for ruckless pax is 100 overhead arm claps 4 ct. IC, any breaks over 5 seconds results in 25 yd bear crawl.

25 yard crawls:  Bear, Army, Crab walk, Lunge walk (pax with rucks wear them)  Rinse and repeat back the 100 yards

Plank series on my call:  High, Low, Side, Supine Bridge (wear rucks)

Bear Hunt (rucks off):  Partner up at 50 yd line. P1 bear crawls 50 yds. P2 sprints opposite direction 40 yds then all the way back to try to catch their partner.  P2 then fireman/partner carry P1 back to midfield.  Rinse and repeat switching roles.

Ascending Merkin/Raise Roof pyramid (wear rucks):  1 Merk/2 Raise Roofs increase 2/4, 3.6, etc until reaching 10/20 reps.

Mary led by Napalm including Russian Twist, LBC’s, Boat/Canoe, Flutter Kicks


Moleskin: Attn: GORUCK pax, we need more time under our rucks over the next month, that is all.  Good job putting in the early work.

Prayers for injured brothers Pajanimal and Stones and continue to pray for Nail Pop and Walker as they are back at home and getting adjusted to life here and have a lot of doctor’s appointments over the next few weeks.


GoRuck gear night tonight at Half-Moon outfitters

GoRuck simulation Saturday 6:00am meet at state house

3rd F Lunch at Zorba’s on St. Andrews Friday’s at noon

We are always in need of Q’s.  Step up today.



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