• When: 10/09/14
  • QIC: Take-a-Number
  • The PAX: Ginger, Garmin, MAC, Catfish, Tough Guy, Kipper, Matchbox

Ballin’ in the Gloom!

DISCLAIMER!! I am not a professional. There will be lots of running towards one another in the dark. Please be careful and mindful of one another in as much as possible. Otherwise, have fun!! Oh, and all puns are mostly intentional.

YHC began with a mild disclaimer of being careful. We will be doing something that could result in considerable injury if not careful. I believe this has the PAX wondering what in the world I could be talking about. Well, not to keep the anxious ones waiting, I opened the side door to my shaggin’ wagon. Alas!?! What could it be? Yes, I revealed my ball sack and all it’s glory to the PAX. Nothing like a big sack of soccer balls. Since we had 8 PAX the numbers worked in our favor seeing as I only had 4 good balls. The remaining two balls I had in the shaggin’ wagon deflated. Apparently all the thoughts of being played with the night before deflated them! One can only have so much anticipation before you lose firmness. We broke up into 4 small teams of 2. (For those mathematically challenged, that means 1 ball per team.) And so the fun begins…..

The Thang:

We started off with instructions of dribbling the ball back and forth to your partner from the starting point to the soccer field. Kick the ball about 10 yrds in front of your partner which he will be sprinting for and kicking back to you. Better run fast!

Once we reach the soccer field we begin the warm up.


Side straddle HOP x 20 IC

Squats x 20 IC

Thru the tunnel x 20 IC

Little Arm Circles x 20 IC forward

Keep your arms up!!

Lift your left leg and hold it up, 20 LACs x 10 IC Forward

Recover and lift/hold the right leg up, 20 LACs x 10 IC Forward

Both legs down, LACs backwards x 20 IC

Back to back with partner- hand ball to left, right, left, right (made me dizzy)

LBCs x 40 OYO


Split into two teams on the field (4 on 4)

Team 1 – The Fondlers

Team 2-  RoughSack

Soccer in the dark 2

Objective, score as many goals as possible! NO GOALIE

Penalty for being scored on= 3 burpees (whole team)

Reward for Scoring = 10 merkins (whole team)

WHEN YOU HEAR A SINGLE WHISTLE IMMEDIATELY STOP WHERE YOU ARE AND DO THE CALLED EXERCISE x 15. The whistle blows at completely random and mostly inopportune times. First person to finish the set can jump up and go after the ball. Better go fast, you don’t want the other team to score!!!

Merkins at random whistle blow

LBCs at random whistle blow

Squats at random whistle blow

Mountain Climbers at random whistle blow


Loser = 10 burpees

Winner= 30 Merkins

At this point the teams were tied 3-to-3. There was a final goal scored with 46 seconds left on the clock to bring the game to a tie and keep The Fondlers out of doing 10 burpees. I believe it was scored by none other than the crowd favorite Garmin…..or was it Ginger? Either way, those two fine gentlemen are great at handling balls so it could have gone either way! It was fun to play while there was a small shroud of mist over the field. I heard a comment that gave a whole new meaning to “Gorillas in the Mist”. Good times!! 

Dribble the balls back to the parking lot with your partner

Once arriving back at the cars, put the balls back into the shaggin’ wagon….wait, what is that? Does YHC happen to have a load of bricks in the van?!?! It’s like Christmas in October!!!

Put up the balls and grab a pair of bricks!!!

Curls for the girls x 30 IC

Tricep extension x 30 IC

Wing Flaps x 20 IC

When done with wing flaps, hold the bricks up…

Over head raises x 20 IC

Chopping Wood x 20 IC to the left

Chopping Wood x 20 IC to the right

Take-a-number LBCs x 40 OYO (hold bricks up and legs flat on the ground. Reach for the sky as you crunch)

Russian Twist with Bricks x 10 IC

Shut it down!!

Prayer: Praying for Pajanimal and his recent injury. Prayer to use our strength and sharpened minds to lift others up.


That’s all folks. It was a lot of fun to lead the PAX into the misty darkness knowing they had no idea what was in store. But from what I’ve read and the chatter I heard, we had a blast. I know YHC did. Small disclaimer, my phone got wiped before I could retrieve the recorded names, so everything is off memory which isn’t the best!! Until next time…





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