Hokie Pokie

4:20 Burnouts

It was 54 degrees and 120,000% humidity.  That’s called supersaturated. YHC was looking around at the other pax checking their watches.  Mine said we had 5 minutes to go.  Apparently my watch lives in the past and we started 1 minute late. The Thang: Warmup: Some combination of side straddle hops, windmills, hillbillys, merkins, mountain …

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Double Down

dank daNGk/ adjective 1. disagreeably damp Yeah, it was dank out.  The kind of morning where you sweat just thinking about moving.  If we’re gonna take the red pill on a dank morning, YHC was going to make it worth it. Warm Up: SSH x 20 IC Hillbilly x 20 IC Merkins x 5 OYO …

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